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Ideas To Enhance Your Cafe’s Interior With Art!

When customers visit a cafe, the owners go out of their way to make them feel welcome. Everyone understands that a café cannot succeed solely by serving delicious coffee & small portions of food to its clients. To upscale the business, there need to be values added services provided to the customers. Cafes require a lot more features to attract consumers and keep them there for a longer amount of time, such as a positive environment, a good cafe design, soothing music, warm lighting, and so on.

One such aspect with has recently become the part of cafe interior is the art & paintings being showcased in cafes! Cafe art is in the trend & is being used as a decorative component and as part of the cafe’s interior design. Entrepreneurs are capitalising on this trend to attract more customers & bring together art patrons under one roof.

But why are people drawn to art, and should you actually invest in the art to attract more customers with your cafe design?

A woman enjoying coffee in front of cafe art that compliments the cafe's theme.
You can never go wrong with black and white cafe art due to the colours’ versitality.

Why Should You Put Art In Your Cafe?

Did you know that art has a psychological effect on humans? Nobody is surprised that art is enjoyable and has a calming impact on the observer. What makes it genuinely special is that when considering the true psychological influence of art, physical aesthetics are only the tip of the iceberg. 

The best thing about art, or more specifically, its psychology, is that you don’t have to be an artist to fully appreciate what it has to offer or even possess exceptional creativity or language skills to fully comprehend it. You can buy and keep art in your cafes solely because you like the way it looks and makes you feel.

Art is more than just paintings hung on the wall. There are numerous ways of curating art in your to enhance its interior. Read on to learn more.

Different Kinds of Art

1. Typographic Art

Typography art is shown in a variety of settings to convey a specific message to visitors via words arranged in a particular style that draw attention. You will see such art pieces on Instagram as well. Cafes and restaurants can use this art method to create a type of cafe art that adds a bit of funkiness to the cafe’s interior. 

Typography cafe art used to write the drinks menu on a surf board.
Create art on different objects that go with the theme of your cafe. Cafe art isn’t just limited to simple painting & replicas!

2. Statement Wall Art

If you don’t want to fill your cafe with art pieces, you can hire an artist and give them a wall to go wild with their art. This wall will act as the centre of attention or centrepiece in your cafe. Give people some space to click pictures with it, because they would want to put it on their social media, thereby giving you organic social media promotion.

3. Physical Artwork Decor

Art does not always have to be in two dimensions. Add physical art pieces in your restaurant that convey a particular message and also act as a decor piece that complements your general theme of the brand. 

4. Graffiti Or Street art

Graffiti art will add a youthful vibe to your cafe. Graffiti is mostly text-based art created by the artist in public spaces by using that space as a medium of self-expression. Street art is image-based art which is made by keeping the audience in mind. Both of these art forms can be used to make cafe art decor as they’re very popular among the young crowd these days. 

Things To Take Care Of While Curating Art

1. Theme Of Your Cafe

Before you begin adding art decor to your cafe’s interior, make sure you have a clear understanding on the theme that will guide your cafe design. What kind of ambience do you want in your cafe? How do you want your customers to feel when they sit down for a cup of freshly brewed coffee? The cafe interior depends a lot on its owner’s vision of an ideal coffee shop.

2. Use Colours to Evoke Emotions

Warm colours include red, orange, and yellow, which are those in the red region of the colour spectrum. These warm hues arouse a range of feelings, from warmth and comfort to rage and hostility.

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Cool colours include blue, purple, and green, which are on the blue end of the colour wheel. These colours are shown to project feelings of calmness and relaxation. 

Research how different colours elicit different feelings and choose the ones that best express the vibe of your cafe. Using the right colours in your cafe art to create an attractive cafe interior will actually enhance revenue and foot traffic.

3. Use Your Brand Colours

Using the right colours in your cafe design may help you identify & create your brand’s value, enhance your brand positioning, increase customer recognition and recall, and set your company apart from competitors. Utilise your brand colours in artwork to help your customers subconsciously connect your brand with those colours.

Latest trend: the rise in cafe art in India!
Rather than having plain walls, use them to create wall art.

4. Support Local Artists

Every city has a new generation of artists that need help getting their work out there. This might be a great opportunity for the café to collaborate with an artist and promote their work in the cafe. Another option is to give them a blank wall or empty room to paint something exclusively for your cafe. In any case, this relationship can benefit both the artist and the cafe. 

Allow them to create their own cafe design concept for your café’s interior and exterior. You will understand how an artist sees your cafe and you might pick up something good out of it. 

In the end, remember that you are the best judge for what sort of cafe art you want to add to your cafe’s interior design. Take care of these few things mentioned above and use your cafe as your own canvas.

Did you know, that despite cafe art being considered the latest trend in the Indian cafe sector, back in the Victorian days, there used to be gatherings of art lovers where they sat & discussed about various forms of art? In fact, there are still cafes & diners across many places in Europe where you can see works of famous painters like Salvador Dali, Picasso, & many others! Just like that! You can dine while admiring their craft. That is every art lover’s dream come true!

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