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Employee benefits every staff wishes to have

Offering your employees benefits shows them that you value them as individuals. It also helps them build a deeper connection with the company. Employee benefits are known to increase productivity more than a pay raise!

Providing employee benefits may sound like spending a lot of money or resources, but that is not always true.

Here, we present to you 6 budget-friendly employee benefits you can offer to your staff:

1. Family Insurance-

Ensuring your staff’s safety instills a trust factor towards your brand and business. Employees can be provided with Medical insurance, life insurance and disability insurance as these are the necessities. A health cover for their families and themselves ensure a caring workspace and in addition the motivation and the chances of an employee being retained for a longer duration increase.

If you’re wondering where to get insurance from here is a link to get you started

2. Referral incentives-

Referral incentives are a practice where your employees refer people to work at your restaurant. The employee gets a certain reward as a referral bonus f their recommended candidate is hired,

This is an easy way to increase motivation among employees and above all hire quality and experienced staff using minimal resources.

3. More paid holidays-

Believe it or not, adding just an extra week of paid vacation can increase your employee’s motivation, loyalty and productivity.

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Glassdoor survey reported that vacation and paid time off prove to be more important than pay raises in 4 out of 5 employees. 

Restaurants are open not only on weekends but also on public holidays. They also have the most footfall as well as online orders during these days. 

Since it is not feasible for your staff to take an off day at that time, make sure they are compensated. You will not only see a decrease in the employee turnover but also see the motivation to work during any holidays. 

4. Investing in the environment-  

The type of environment an employee works in affects their mental health and consequently, has a great impact on their efficiency. Invest in your work environment. consequently, making your workplace lively and gratifying. It will have a great impact on your employees. The type of relationship the employees have among themselves is also important. Recreational activities like picnics or day trips help boost their morale and build strong internal relationships. 

5. Friends and family discount-

Providing friends and family discounts to your employees in your restaurant is a great way to make your employees feel special and this also increases your business by gaining more loyal customers.

6. Transport allowance-

If your employee lives really far away, providing them with a monthly pass for public transport will be really helpful for them. Monthly passes do not cost much and as a result, helps your employee feel secure and ease their commute. 

Employees are one of your biggest assets and keeping them happy and motivated will in turn do wonders to your business!


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