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7 Effective Tips To Design The Perfect Online Ordering Website For Your Restaurant

The decline in the trend of online food ordering is nowhere to be seen. Pandemic, convenience, increase in cloud kitchens and other multiple factors could be the reason behind the boom of online orders and more and more restaurants are investing in building their own online ordering website.

Not thousands, in fact, millions of online orders are being placed through online food ordering platforms like zomato, swiggy and are being served by restaurants. But at the same time, partnering with these platforms can burn a hole in your pockets. This gives you all the more reasons to build your own website where you can receive orders without paying those third-party commissions

It’s time for you to invest in making the best online food ordering website for your restaurant. A simple, creative and fast website design can be the game-changer for your business. 

Without further ado, let’s get started.

Best Ways To Design A Website That Attracts More Online Orders For Your Restaurant 

1. Optimize Your Online Ordering Website 

  • Make sure the UI/UX of the website is customer friendly
  • Your page doesn’t take a long time to load and is responsive
  • Avoid cluttering the website with unnecessary information, unorganized photos and videos
  • Proofread the website and make sure there are no spelling errors
  • The sign-up option on your website should be quick via google
  • The website should save the address and other details and not ask it every time a customer places the order
  • If OTPs are required make sure the OTP service is fast and the customer receives the OTP within a minute
  • Plan the CTAs (Call To Action) on your website very clearly 
  • Make sure the content on your website is SEO optimized 
  • Lastly, the website theme should go hand-in-hand with your brand or restaurant’s theme

2. Add Eye-Catching Photos

Your online ordering website is where your customers are going to place an order with your restaurant. Therefore, you need to make sure you have uploaded the perfect mouth-watering photos of each and every item on your menu. 

Platting and presenting your delicious food is just as important as preparing it. The photographs will set a standard for your food and help the customers trust your brand when they like what they see. Avoid uploading wrong or misleading photos of online menu items.

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Also upload a few photos of your restaurant, ambience, owners, chefs, events, etc. to create transparency and reliability. The more information you give, the fewer efforts you need to put into your customer to make them trust your restaurant business

3. Write Exceptional Menu Descriptions

An integral part of website designing is writing exceptionally good restaurant information and menu descriptions. Let your customers know why they should come to your restaurant. Tell them about your vision and the journey in creating the brand. An informative and short menu description of 1-2 lines below the photograph will help your customers choose faster. It not only represents the menu item but also entices the customer to order more from your menu

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Avoid using extremely fancy words, typos and grammatical errors in the description. 

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7 tips to make the best online ordering website for your restaurant

4. Highlight Best Sellers And New Menu Items

Always highlight the highly profitable and highly popular menu items a.k.a the bestsellers of your restaurant! 

By doing this, the new customers will believe that if they are to try ordering from your restaurant they should try these items first. These items are the ones that will either make or break your restaurant’s brand image in the customer’s mind. This also represents that multiple people who have ordered from your restaurant have liked and voted this menu item to be the best which gains their trust and influences them to order. 

Make sure to be consistent with the quality and quantity of your menu items.  

If you are just starting your online ordering website then you should definitely provide exclusive menu items that are only available on the website so that your loyal customer base will shift from third-party applications and you can save those hefty commissions.

5. Post Good Customer Reviews

Leverage your customer data and collect as many customer reviews and testimonials as possible about your products. These reviews will not only help you in making your business better but will also increase your brand’s credibility and serve as social proof

Therefore, always post your customer feedback/ reviews on your online food ordering website so that people can confidently place more orders.

6. Support Multiple Payment Methods

When your customer is on the billing step on your online ordering website it means that the customer has added the entire order, with preferences, filled in details and the order is 90% confirmed from their side. Now, if the payment option preferred by the customer isn’t listed it will be extremely disappointing to the customer, it will leave a “waste of time” and an unreliable impression of your business and you will lose out on a customer. 

To avoid this and to make sure your customer has a smooth journey till the end make sure your website supports all the necessary payment methods like UPI, Mobile wallet, Card payment, Google Pay, Paytm, Phone Pe, NEFT etc.

7. Offer Discounts & Combos

People love discounts and combos!

Discounts can give your restaurant sales a boost like no other in a very short period of time. If you are starting your online ordering website then you should definitely provide exclusive discounts and offers so that your loyal customer base will shift from third-party applications and you can save those hefty commissions. Providing discounts also help your restaurant stand out from an ocean of your competitors.

best ways to make the best online ordering website for your restaurant

Don’t shy away from making mistakes and changes on your website regularly. Keep experimenting creatively till you find what works best for your business and customers. Once, you have enough website subscribers and regular orders you can also develop a mobile application for more convenience. 

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