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How To Design A Mouth-watering Ice Cream Menu For Your Business?

Nothing is better than a scoop of ice cream when you feel sad, happy or bored! There has been tremendous growth in the ice cream industry in India. The Indian ice cream market reached a value of INR 201.4 billion in 2020. The market is expected to further grow and reach a value of approximately INR 442 billion by 2026.

Ice cream is one of the most popular desserts in the market. Naturals, Mother Dairy, Baskin Robbins, Havmor and Vadilal, have become household names. If you wish to add your name to the list by starting your own ice cream business, step one would be to create an appealing ice cream menu for your ice cream parlour!

Why Invest In Creating An Ice Cream Menu?

Your parlour’s ice cream menu is not just a list of flavours you offer; it reflects your shop’s personality. A charming menu can give you a necessary edge in the market, distinguishing you from your competitors. A solid selection of items that can excite your customers and create a buzz in the market will become a key driver in bringing customers to your parlour. 

No matter which industry or type of food business, customers are always looking for diversity. They want something they haven’t had before & have a first-hand experience. With so many new & ice cream parlours opening with diverse ideas to serve every kind of customer, the competition is rising.

Business owners are ready to invest & experiment with flavours to create a best-seller ice cream. Many of them have succeeded, while some have failed miserably but have amused the internet with their eccentric ideas.

Different ice cream flavours including traditional and unique flavours for ice cream menu.
Get a mix of traditional and unique flavours for your ice cream parlour.

Did you know? Vanilla is the most popular flavour of ice cream after Chocolate, even though the latter was invented before Vanilla.

8 Tips To Design A Popular Ice Cream Shop Menu

Designing an ice cream shop menu is arduous; you must keep the traditional flavours customers always like while also finding distinct flavours that are unique to your place. If you find yourself in a fix as you create a menu for your ice cream shop, we are here to help!

1. Find Your Niche

The foremost step when opening an ice cream parlour is to narrow down the type of ice cream you wish to sell. Out of many trendy ice cream types like live ice cream counter, nitrogen, cold stone, pre-packed, ice-cream rolls, etc. you need to decide which would fit your business demographic. How & from where you can acquire resources also plays a key role in this decision.

Furthermore, there are many options for the type of outlet you want; you can either go for an ice cream truck, a cart, or a comfortable cafe-style seating format. You can decide the number and kind of flavours you want to keep in your establishment based on your format. 

2. Market Research

To finalize the flavours you want to include in your ice cream menu, conduct market research around your area to understand people’s preferences. You can do this by visiting other ice cream shops in your neighbourhood and checking which flavours are in demand and which are still sitting in their containers at the end of the day.  

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And if you wish to create something absolutely unique, don’t shy away from putting on your chef’s hat & getting down to it!

3. Unique And Seasonal Flavors

Ice cream is no longer just candies, tubs and cones. There are many innovative flavours, methods and ingredients like rolled ice cream, sorbet and sherbet that you can add to your list. Although it is crucial to keep traditional best-selling flavours in your parlour, it is as important to introduce some unique flavours that define your brand.

Introduce seasonal flavours like mango, lychee, custard apple ice creams. A catch in creating such ice cream with real fruit flavours & pieces would be to preserve them for longer time. If any ice cream parlour fails to master the technique of ice cream preservation then that would incure loss to the business in long run.

4. More than Ice Cream

There is a market for other sweet items that your ice cream shop can easily master. Items that work well with ice cream are waffles, milkshakes, cold coffee, frozen yoghurt, gelato, floats (a large scoop of ice cream served in a glass with root beer or another soda) etc. 

To promote your business in local markets would be to provide your local restaurants & cafes with your ice cream flavours to add into their menu. This way you can cater to more diverse clients & market your ice cream.

5. Something For Health Freaks

As the modern consumer is becoming more and more health conscious, introducing flavours and items that are low-calorie and healthy yet tasty can win you a loyal customer base. You can offer items like gelato (similar in taste and look, but low in fat), frozen yogurt, and lactose-free and vegan ice creams.  

6. Modifiers And Add-ons

Modifiers and add-ons like waffle cones, toppings and other add-ons are a fantastic way to boost your revenues. Your menu can have a separate option offering all the modifiers and add-ons. Suggesting these to the customers as they place their orders is a great way to upsell. 

Ice creams parlours make sure they provide variety in add-ons. You can create ice cream add-on wall in your parlour. A wall mounted with various items like sprinklers, gummy bears, different kinds of choco chips, cookies, marshmallows, cereals & nuts! Such a delicious & tempting wall would surely bring in more customers!

Ice cream cones with different flavours.
Offer different types of cones, modifiers and add-ons in your ice cream menu to upsell.

7. DIY Experience

Do-It-Yourself (DIY) experiences are becoming increasingly popular with customers in restaurants. People enjoy going to restaurants where they can make pizza with the chefs. You can provide DIY experiences for your customers in your menu, where customers can choose and, on certain occasions, make their sundaes themselves. 

8. Convenient Takeaway Options

People love keeping packs and tubs of ice cream at home for their midnight cravings. Not just at home, people love their cups of ice cream at pretty locations. Carving out a separate section with special takeaway options (and attractive packaging) can do wonders for your sales.

Moreover, writing mouth-watering menu descriptions can increase the appeal of your menu and parlour manifold. Petpooja POS has designed an ice cream POS for business owners just like you! It will help you with everything, including Billing, Inventory, CRM, Reporting, Menu Management, Handling Online orders and many more.

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Abeera Dubey
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