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Top Delhi-based Food Bloggers That Make Drooling Content

The relationship between Delhi and food is old and well-established. It is a treasure trove of delicacies from around the world. Many people visit Delhi solely to binge on yummy food. If you are in Delhi or even if not in Delhi, check out these Delhi food bloggers to brighten your day with Delhi’s flavour. 

Food bloggers are people posting anything related to food for their followers. Food content has become extremely popular on social media websites. 

Delhi-Based Food Bloggers For Your Instagram Feed

Follow these ten food bloggers for unique food-related content to make your day sweeter and tastier.

1. Sarah Hussain

Instagram @zingyzest

Sarah Hussain is a young food blogger with over half a million followers on Instagram. She co-founded Zingy Zest at 19 years old with Saurav Nagar. Hussain pursued a Master’s in Corporate Communications in Canada before returning to India and starting a career in food blogging full-time. She has collaborated with many domestic & international food brands, like Veeba, Pepsi Co, Cadbury, Dominos, and Easy Food. Follow her to find out how to make delicious dishes and some fantastic eateries in Delhi.

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Follow Zingyzest to discover delicious eateries around the world.

2. Delhi Fun Dos

Instagram @delhifundos

Sundeep and Bedabrata founded Delhi Fun Dos, a Delhi-based food blog. Their idea is to inform their followers about the recent events taking place in Delhi. Delhi has a lot to offer regarding food, fun, theatre, travel, reading and many other things, which is the foundational idea behind Delhi Fun Dos. Follow their blog to discover all the fantastic food events in Delhi and some food jewels from around the country. 

3. Pragya Saini

Instagram @thisisdelhi

Pragya Saini is a food travel blogger with over two hundred and seventy-five thousand followers, bringing us the essence of many different places. Saini is also a food enthusiast and critic who travels around India and the world to bring you her reviews of food joints and restaurants. Follow her for fun pictures and videos with travel food suggestions. She will make you start planning your following food cation with her content. 

4. Paresh Gupta

Instagram @khaata_rahe_mera_dil

Love for food is reflected in Paresh Gupta’s Instagram account and amusing username. If you are searching for the best-hidden gems in Delhi, Gupta’s Instagram handle is the place for you! You will find plenty of diverse magical eatery options, from the hottest Pizza Napolitana to mouth-watering Dal Makhni in town, to choose from when you are hungry. 

5. Karan Marwah

Instagram @foodelhi

Beginning as a small food blog in Delhi, Karan Marwah has established himself and foodelhi (online magazine) as one of the biggest food blogging names in the city. Foodelhi regularly posts recreational food options, reviews, menu launches and travel. Follow Marwah on Instagram for fantastic food reviews and recommendations. 

6. Nikita Varma

Instagram @iamdatingfood

Living the quote “food is love”, Nikita Varma or iamdatingfood (on Instagram), is a journalist turned food blogger. She regularly posts unique recipes keeping up with the food trends going on in the country. Varma recently won the LG microwave over Deal-icious Content. Follow Varma to learn more about recipes ranging from healthy beetroot idlis to delicious potato bread cones. 

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Follow Nikita Varma to get more such unique recipes.

7. Kuljyoti Dhingra

Instagram @kuljyoti.dhingra

If you want some food comedy content, go straight to Kuljyoti Dhingra’s Instagram handle. One of the Delhi-based food bloggers, Dhingra distinguished herself with her humorous reviews and content. Her interest in cooking sparked when her grandfather taught her cooking, and she started an anonymous Instagram food blog, which grew exponentially. She shares easy-to-make restaurant-style recipes with readily accessible ingredients. She brings recommendations and recipes for all sorts of food lovers among us. 

8. Shikha

Instagram @chatpati_shikha

As her Instagram name suggests, Shikha loves chatpata food. Shikha has around one hundred and ten thousand followers and regularly posts pictures, recipes and recommendations about diverse Indian cuisines, ranging from tandoori paneer momos to onion mushroom omelettes. If you are a fan of chatpata food, then don’t wait and follow Shikha instantly

9. Sukrit Jain & Kashish Jain

Instagram @thegreatindianfoodie

Sukriti Jain and Kashish Jain, vegetarian food bloggers and brothers, started thegreatindianfoodie to channel their passion for food and make money from it. Today, they have three hundred and sixty-six thousand followers on Instagram and 1.3 million followers on Facebook. As their name suggests, they post daily updates and food photos from all over India. Follow them for drool-worthy food content capturing how gems from hidden corners of India create magic in their pans

10. Karan Singhal

Instagram @thefoodattacker

One of the best food bloggers in Delhi, Karan Singhal, regularly posts recipes of unique and regular (with a touch of exclusive ingredients) Indian dishes. Singhal used to randomly visit many restaurants and post pictures before his content started getting traction, and he took food blogging ahead as a career choice. He started Saakshaat Swaadishtham 2020, a fast food joint in Delhi. Follow Singhal for a mixture of delicious homemade and street food content.  

Find out which food bloggers to follow in Delhi.

Head straight to Instagram and follow these food bloggers for fun and fantastic content. They will teach you some delicious recipes for your kitchen and show you some excellent food places around Delhi and India. 

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