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7 Customer Retention Strategies That Are Too Good To Be Left Out

We all have that one restaurant that we pop into our minds whenever we think of eating out! It has everything that we need, everything on its menu is our favourite & the customer service is top notch. Loyal customers like us, always recommend this restaurant to the people around us! And as a restaurant owner, these regulars are one of our prime sources of regular revenue. And so, every customer needs to be carefully nurtured to win their hearts & increase customer retention.

Customer retention is all about keeping your regular customers loyal to you! 

Here is why customer retention is critical for your restaurant. 

  • Customer retention offers your continuous business through thicks and thins. Greater sales and greater profits
  • The cost of acquiring new customers is higher than retaining existing customers 
  • They can give you valuable & honest feedback to improve your existing customer service and experience
  • They will be your brand ambassadors for free, spreading the word about your business.

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Customer retention is critical to drive up your revenue. Know what you can do to develop a loyal customer base.
Your loyal customers give you honest feedback, become free ambassadors, and drive up your revenue manifold.

Customer Retention Strategies for Your Restaurant

A wholesome customer retention strategy, packed with loyalty programs, feedback, technology, and a meticulous focus on excellent customer service, is what your restaurant needs. 

1. Run Loyalty Programs and Offer Discounts

One of the most effective ways to keep customers coming back to you is to let them know you appreciate them by offering them rewards.

  • Run loyalty programs to motivate customers and increase your revenue. Your loyalty program should be designed to achieve frequent visits from customers. For instance, offer one free expresso after buying 12 coffees.
  • Offering exciting discounts and offers is a great way to show your appreciation. You can pick either from SMS marketing campaigns or email marketing campaigns to reach your customers with your special offers!
  • You can also offer special birthday or surprise discounts to your loyal customers.
  • If you host an event, your loyal customers can get a priority invite. 

2. Collect Customer Feedback and Surveys

Gather, gather, and gather some more customer feedback! Customer feedback is critical to measure how your restaurant is doing. 

  • It tells you where you are lacking in your menu and customer service. Feedback gives you chance to understand the pain points of your customers which has led to you losing their loyalty.
  • You can collect feedback through feedback forms. Read our blog here to learn how to design a fantastic feedback form.
  • While you can always encourage public feedback, it is best to collect detailed private feedback. Customers tend to be more candid in personal feedback, offering valuable insights to improve upon.

3. Maintain Food Quality and Consistency

The primary tool to win customer loyalty & increase retention is the food that your establishment offers your customers. 

  • Your customers visit you chiefly for the food and drinks you serve. Maintaining your food quality and consistency is highly critical.
  • Any drop in your taste or quality can cost your revenue heavily. And so, your kitchen staff too must work towards winning customers rather than just focusing on preparing meals  
  • To ensure consistency in your taste, you should strictly standardize all your recipes and ingredients. 
  • If people can rely on your taste and quality, they will keep coming back for more.

4. Provide the Best Customer Service

If customer service lags, customers may leave you and never return. We all hate being left unattended at a restaurant or cafe.

  • Even a single bad customer service incident can make your customers disappear forever
  • You may feel like you are doing everything right, but your customers need to be satisfied with the quality of your customer service. Collecting regular feedback is highly crucial to know if they are happy or not. 
  • Carefully focus on continually improving your customer service. This includes regular follow-ups with your customers & especially your staff. Always remember, they are the ones that handle the customers. You should also focus on retraining staff for maintaining quality customer service.
Improve your customer service to increase customer retention. Know more ways to increase customer retention.
Train & retrain your staff remembers on customer service & host etiquette.

5. Stay in Touch

Don’t forget to stay in regular contact with your customers! 

  • Use the customer databases that you collect using your POS system or CRM tools to stay in touch with them regularly. Send them information about special discounts and send wishes on their special days.
  • A special offer message at the right time can be just the thing calling your customers to you. Imagine they plan to go out but are not able to decide where. They see your day discount message, and voila, you become the obvious choice! 

6. Work On Forming Long-Term Relationships

Building long-term, trusting, personal relationships with your customers can go a long way in running a successful business. 

  • Develop a good relationship with your customers where they feel valued and wanted, and see how they keep returning to you. 
  • This responsibility falls on you & all your staff remembers. Your customers will remember when they are attended to with a smile & a courteous attitude. Attending customers around the clock is a hectic job for your staff. But many customers will be coming to your outlet for the first time. And so, your staff needs to be on their most approachable behaviour to increase your customer retention.

7. Using Technology

As the world is becoming more and more tech-savvy, your restaurant cannot afford to be not! 

  • The convenience technology offers in ordering food and billing a table has made customers’ lives much more manageable. 
  • With the help of an innovative POS system, you can seamlessly track all customer details, integrate multiple payment options, and improve online ordering, amongst many other things. 
  • All the help from technology eventually improves your customer experience and ultimately makes them stay loyal to you
Improve your customer service to increase customer retention. Know more ways to increase customer retention.
Keep some open-ended questions in the feedback form where customers can add any other comments or suggestions for you.

Using customer data, offering special discounts, and improving your customer service is the way to increase customer retention rate in your restaurant. Focus on these strategies to drive up your sales and revenue. 

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