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How To Use Customer Feedback For Employee Training

How do you determine if your customers are satisfied with your services or if your restaurant staff is making any mistakes? Customer Feedback! Customer feedback helps you discover loopholes in your services, and positive reviews can also help you boost your sales (as it can be used as a marketing tool). There are many different ways of collecting customer feedback. For instance, you can collect customer feedback through feedback forms, surveys, and social media. 

But did you know customer feedback can also be used for employee training? Keep reading to learn how! 

How can restaurant reviews be used to improve staff training and performance?
Sometimes customers give bad reviews and express anger over a made-up issue to get a complimentary dish or discount. Learn to recognize genuine reviews from fake reviews.

Critical Roles Of Customer Feedback In Employee Training

Here are some ways customer feedback can improve staff performance and training. 

1. Learn About Your Staff Performance

Collecting customer feedback about your outlet and your staff’s performance is the first step to fixing all the loopholes in your service. The feedback you gather here will let you understand which areas are working fine and which need to be upgraded. Your feedback form must include questions about how the customers found your services and if they have any suggestions for a better experience. 

2. Closed Feedback Loop

Once you collect customer feedback, what do you do with it? According to McKinsey, when you place the results of your feedback into your database, it should be available to review for every person in your business. The feedback you receive needs to be put in a closed-loop feedback system, meaning providing feedback to individual stakeholders & employees

Create a standard feedback loop where the restaurant reviews you collect regularly reach the individual employee. This way, they will feel more responsible for working on it and improving their performance. Moreover, positive feedback will encourage them about their work.

3. Train To Take Negative Feedback

Your employees regularly receive feedback, which a lot of times is good but sometimes is negative too. What should your staff response be? Negative feedback can create fear in your staff. They may fear a backlash, salary deduction, and even being kicked out. Because of this fear, your staff might also not disclose negative feedback.

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To avoid such confusion, create a transparent environment and remove any fears of getting fired. You can develop and teach strategies to employees for handling criticism. Your employee training program can include ways to effectively deal with negative feedback. Employees should be encouraged to find the root cause of the issue and take responsibility to better their performance. 

Use Customer feedback for employee training
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4. Use It As A Performance Booster

While you develop a strategy for handling negative feedback, it is equally important to recognize positive feedback and appreciate your employees for the same. Anytime an employee receives good reviews, it should be acknowledged by the management.

Rewarding your employees for positive feedback will boost their morale and promote health-friendly competition amongst the staff

When an individual employee performs exceptionally well. You can reward and incentivize your employees by implementing incentive programs like employee-of-the-month, time off for excellent performance, etc.

Customer feedback can be a criterion to judge their performance. You can also use it to set an example and train other employees; it will provide valuable context for new hires, where you showcase examples of exemplary customer service. 

5. Teach Staff To Work On Feedback

Use the customer feedback you get to improve processes around your restaurant. The feedback will help you understand what is working and what is not, highlighting the processes you can upgrade for a better customer experience.

Process improvement will require employee collaboration and training across different teams in your restaurant. Your different teams must avoid conflicting interests and focus on the bigger picture of improving the overall experience.

Not only should you highlight the importance of cross-collaboration during your training, but collaborative work can also be a criterion in your staff performance evaluation where you reward teamwork. 

6. Take Employees’ Feedback

Not only customer feedback but employee feedback is an essential tool in creating a successful employee training program. As your employees perform the job daily, they will have valuable insights about it. They know the processes inside out and can devise creative solutions to problems. Use their ideas and insights to enhance your employee training. Moreover, using employee insights in the training process will make them more enthusiastic and dedicated to improving restaurant services. 

Use Customer feedback for employee training
Your employees know the processes inside out. You can create an employee feedback form to collect required data from your employees. 

Customer feedback is a valuable tool in improving the overall restaurant performance. To take quick customer feedback without hassle, you can also check out Petpooja’s Feedback Management System to quickly know the customer’s reviews about your restaurant. Adopt these strategies in your employee training and upgrade restaurant customer experience.

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Abeera Dubey
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