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Provide Restaurant-like Dining Experiences To Your Customers At Their Homes

The pandemic has gotten everyone to try new things. Be it baking banana bread or marking Dalgona coffee, staying in has us doing anything to pass time & amuse ourselves. With the rise in Covid cases across the nation, people had to reluctantly switch to at-home dining or food delivery. Well, we can’t lie but eating our favourite meal in the comfort of our homes, has been like a dream come true! However, customers still seek the restaurant-like dining experience even when they can’t really step out.

Times like these require restaurants to up their game and develop creative ways to cater to the customer’s needs. Given the adverse effects of the pandemic on the restaurant industry, customer loyalty and satisfaction are now more important than ever for restaurants.

In this blog, you’ll find top tips to enhance at-home customer experience and management strategies.

4 Tips To Enhance At-home Dining Experience For Your Customers

Creating the same restaurant-like dining experience is not quite easy. Your customers can’t ask for staff assistance or give instant feedback. There is a lack of one-on-one interaction between you & your customers. Because of this, you fail to provide essential customer service & hence, it is highly likely that your customers won’t even know about you! This affects your restaurant’s customer loyalty.

And so restaurants have started placing emphasis on maintaining consistency in food quality & branding in terms of packaging. There are other ways too, using which you can provide a restaurant-like dining experience at home!

1. Optimise your Menu

Your online food delivery menu should be clear, concise, and crisp. While drafting your delivery menu, we suggest keeping it simple by clearly stating the prices. You can also make different portion sizes for every dish (keeping in mind it can serve a party of one and a family-size meal).

In order to create a user-friendly dining experience add combos, provide healthier food options, homely food items that your target audience might cook themselves and suggested best seller options. Also mention the delivery time window and adjust your online menu.

Fine dine restaurant dining experience at home
If you offer drinks, beverages & food at your restaurant, then you can create three separate online menus for convenience

2. Focus On Packaging

In online food delivery, packaging acts as a key factor in creating a wholesome customer experience. The way your food is packaged is the physical representation of your brand’s personality. Design it using your logo, brand colours, amusing & funny quotes or your brand tagline to make your customer’s experience memorable.

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Handwritten thank-you notes, discount coupons, printed brochures and promotional cards help increase your restaurant sales. You can even create physical QR code stickers & send them to your customers with food to increase shares on social media.

All these little extra efforts help in making your delivery operation stand out and create a personalized customer experience. Make sure your packaging containers are spill-free. The use of recyclable and paper packaging is always appealing. Ensure that you don’t overpack your containers and they are easy to open. You can also train your delivery personnel way to carefully handle items that can or might spill during delivery.

3. Pay Attention to Add-ons

The entire at-home experience should replicate in-person dining. So, you must focus on every tiny detail. Therefore, ensure you provide sanitiser packets, tissues, cutlery, and mouth freshener packets. Additionally, you should also provide enough complimentary food essentials as well. If your customer has ordered Pasta, don’t forget to add garlic bread to it!

As the number of restaurants offering food delivery is growing, it is imperative you create a unique and personal brand experience. These additional efforts will make you stand out.

How to create restaurant-like dining experience at home?
These add-ons help in creating uniform branding of the restaurants.

4. Use Technology Innovatively

Use technology as a great way to increase brand recall and loyalty of your brand among customers. There are many third-party CRM tools & platforms that help smoothen & strengthen your restaurant’s connection with your customers. With Petpooja’s marketplace services, you can create your own SMS campigns are circulate customised text messages to the customer informing them about the delivery status of their food.

Send them SMSs about all the offers you are running in the restaurant and lastly send them, Feedback notification to collect the reaction of the customer for the food you are serving.

All these things can be done directly from your Petpooja PoS without interrupting your routine and contacting multiple people for the same.

We feel if you follow these small tips to make a customer’s experience better and make them feel restaurant delivered food is exactly the same as home-delivered food or even better, you are surely going to gain multiple loyal customers over time!

We hope this blog helps you improve the dining experience of your customers at their home. Do give the above-mentioned tips a try and see what works for you.

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