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Tips To Keep Your Outdoor Dining Area Cosy This Winter Season

Winter is the season to stay warm, eat warm food and watch things that make you feel cosy. Usually, the winter season can get a little slow for restaurants that over an open dining experience. The evenings can get too cold, and people don’t prefer an outdoor dining area during this weather. If you are one such restaurant owner, then we are here to help you maintain and increase your food and beverage sales this winter season.

In this article, we have compiled some amazing ideas for outdoor dining during winter, which will keep your restaurant bustling with customers! 

Tips To Create A Comfortable Outdoor Dining Experience In Winters

Depending on how it’s done, outdoor dining may be a beautiful experience—or an uncomfortable mess. Nothing beats relaxing on a patio but getting cold due to a chilly breeze or rain dripping through the awning.

Keep the cold at bay, and your customers (as well as your waitstaff) will have a pleasant experience. Customers will be pleased if they can make the most of the winter dining experience. 

So, whether you own a food truck, a restaurant with an outdoor patio, a cafe or any other eatery, consider these tips for keeping your outdoor dining space functional, your clients warm, and your comfort food blazing hot.

how do you make a restaurant feel cozy
Create an environment that motivates people to dine outdoors

1. Pack The Heat 

Nope, we don’t mean you should add extra red chillies to the food. But think of how you can provide warmth to your customers seated outside. You can consider more permanent, wall-mounted solutions for space and energy efficiency (or ceiling-mounted if you have an overhead structure).

Whether you own a restaurant or café, boosting sales during winter will become more accessible through such additions.

Remember that not all heat sources have to be clumsy eye sores. Gas fireplaces can be a great way to create inviting areas for visitors to gather and enjoy beverages or canapés.

  • Patio Heaters 

You can consider patio heaters if you have a patio or gazebo seating outside.

They work well for producing a heated patio, especially in mild, non-windy weather. They’re a fantastic alternative for restaurants which have open spaces, banquets or food courts in open spaces.

  • Propane Firepits

Propane firepits are another popular option for outdoor eating. Patio heaters create a lot of heat and have a dependable and inexpensive heating system. 

A firepit also creates a welcoming environment, as there’s something inherently comfortable about having a blazing fire close in the winter. 

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They don’t have the same impact as a wood fire, but they don’t emit smoke and don’t require you to buy or cut a lot of firewood.

2. Switch From Cool To Cozy 

When you’ve exhausted your heat sources, consider alternate ways to make your outdoor dining experience as comfortable as possible. Is your patio furniture made of metal? Consider using a warmer material, such as wood, or adding cushions to help keep heat.

While enclosing an outdoor space would negate the safety benefits of fresh air, materials such as vinyl sheets can still be used as a windbreak to preserve some heat. Consider providing diners with blankets to create an extra comfortable atmosphere (washed between uses, of course).

how do you build a good atmosphere in a restaurant for outdoor dining
The suitable heaters and furniture will transform the outdoor dining area of your restaurant

3. Create a Winter-Special Menu 

Even if the patio is heated enough to be comfortable, the cooler temps and drafts will necessitate some menu changes. 

Soups and stews are examples of dishes that keep their heat well. Serve products like warm dips over tea lights or Sterno cans to make a colourful and functional display that guests will like. 

Warm cocktails, toddies, and dessert drinks should be on your beverage menu so guests can sip them while relaxing in front of a warm fire.

Good customer service means identifying what your customer will need. Trust me, they will be craving something warm in their bell, so make the necessary alterations to the menu for a comfortable outdoor dining experience. 

restaurant menu for winters
People prefer drinking something warm so add it to your winter special menu

4. Keep In Mind The Safety Measures 

Even if you have heat sources and barriers, your outside space is still vulnerable to the elements. The snow or sleet might create a slippery floor which can be dangerous for adults and kids. Place many of the mats strategically to reduce slipping hazards.

If uniforms are essential to your restaurant’s branding, make sure to supply personnel with appropriate warm clothes to keep them comfortable while attending to visitors outside.

You must also ensure that your outdoor dining area has adequate airflow and ventilation. Remember that outdoor air circulation is critical to lowering the danger of transmission, so ensure your heated patio allows this ventilation.

With these minor tweaks to your restaurant, you will be ready to provide your customers with the best outdoor dining experience. This will help you keep up the restaurant sales during the year-end festive season and help your business stand out during the winter!

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