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Must-try Marketing Tips For Your Cloud Kitchen To Increase Sales In 2023

India is home to 3,500+ cloud kitchens, and according to a report by RedSeer Management Consulting, cloud kitchens are set to be a $2 billion industry in India by 2024, up from $400 million in 2019. So, a good cloud kitchen marketing strategy becomes a game-changer to set your brand apart from the competitors.

Given that cloud kitchen requires less investment in comparison to a dine-in restaurant business, more and more people who were interested in opening their own restaurant are attracted to this delivery-only business model. Apart from that, even the third-party online aggregators are expanding their business to tier-2, and tier-3 cities which makes it even easier to run a cloud kitchen business in India.  

For a Cloud Kitchen business tying up with third-party online aggregators is very important. It not only helps you to get discovered among your target audience but it also serves as a trusted certificate for the customer about the quality of the services that they will receive.

Now that we know how important third-party Food Aggregator Platforms are for cloud kitchens, let’s see

How to market your Cloud Kitchen on such online aggregators?

1. Listing on third-party food delivery platform

Online food delivery applications are on a rise and currently own around 8% of the total restaurant market share in India. 

You can list your cloud kitchen on these platforms easily by filling out a form and paying a nominal fee. There are two benefits of getting listed on a third-party food aggregation platform:

  • Helps with brand visibility so your target audience can discover your business
  • Your target audience can place an order from there as well

The platforms will charge you INR 14-17 on a per-click basis. You can also custom-select a specific area of your location to focus on while running your ads.

Spending resources on advertising on these platforms may sound like a stretch, but it definitely pays off as your restaurant sales increase through it. Make sure you spend your marketing budget on these platforms to stand out from the competition.

2. Discounts! Offers! Combos!

People love discounts and offers.

Discounts can give your restaurant sales a boost like no other in a very short period of time. Do you wanna stand out from an ocean of your competitors? Then provide discounts or offers to your customers.

If you are a new cloud kitchen business, then you should spend your budget on this strategy. This will help you to gain brand popularity and trust among your target audience. Once they have tried and tested your restaurant food, they will be familiar with the food quality, delivery pattern and other things and won’t hesitate to order the next time. 

However, you should not continue this strategy as frequently in the long run as that can negatively affect your restaurant’s profitability

marketing for cloud kitchen on food delivery app

3. Optimize your online presence

Would you buy from an online shop where there is no information about the product except the name of it? No, right?

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Similarly, your target customers will be reluctant while buy anything from you until there is adequate information about your business and menu on the third-party listing. Here’s how you can optimize your Zomato/Swiggy profile:

  • Post good-quality photos of each menu item
  • Keep your menu divided and concise
  • Mention the portion size of each menu item
  • Add a proper description of each dish
  • Always highlight your bestsellers

All these cloud kitchen marketing techniques will help you gain people’s trust. It will also help your customers make a well-informed decision to order from your cloud kitchen that they won’t regret later. And who doesn’t appreciate that, right?

4. Get those 5-star Reviews

Good food + Good packaging + Good delivery = 5 star rating

As a cloud kitchen restaurant owner, you have to understand that the impression of your business entirely depends upon what your customer receives. Therefore, ensuring the quality of your deliverables should be your no. 1 priority.

If your deliverables are up to the mark, then consider a good review on its way. Reviews are more important than you think. No matter how much you spend on advertisement if your restaurant’s genuine reviews are not impressive, it will not work out.

In order to get good reviews for your Cloud Kitchen, make sure you be careful about the following:

  • Customers should receive the correct ordered food items
  • Invest in good packaging materials to avoid spilling food
  • Make sure there is no delay in the cooking and prep process
  • Food shouldn’t be soggy, cold or melt in the container by the time it is received by the customer

This will not just help you in branding your cloud kitchen but will also help you in boosting online orders.

how to get good reviews and
 cloud kitchen marketing on swiggy zomato

5. Personal Brand Website

This is the most underrated secret for a successful cloud kitchen marketing strategy.

You have to understand that, given that cloud, kitchens don’t have any physical location or menu website is the only verification available to your customers. Your customers are going to check out your website before ordering or trusting your brand. Therefore, it is very important that you ensure that you have all the vital information such as your menu, contact details, reviews, available platforms etc mentioned on your website.

A Reliable POS system will help you manage those telephonic orders, online orders from your own website as well as online orders from food aggregator partners, hassle-free on a single screen.

Let the Cloud kitchen POS handle all your operational hassles while you create magic in your kitchen.

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Fatema Rasiwala
Fatema Rasiwala
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