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Budget-friendly Christmas Decoration Ideas For Your Restaurant

What comes to your mind when you think about Christmas? Christmas tree, fairy lights, Santa Claus, hot cocoa, warm clothes, delicious food, and cosy places? How about having them all in your restaurant to pull your customers in? Trust us when we say the festive seasons are when your restaurant can make the maximum profit! And to do this, it’s time you spend on some Christmasy-restaurant decoration!

Your restaurant decoration around Christmas can increase sales by enhancing the overall customer experience. People often look for places to visit with their friends and families where they can enjoy the holiday feel with a Christmas tree and Santa Claus.

With your restaurant decoration, you will increase your organic footfall as people will be tempted to walk in and check your place out. Keep reading to find out how you can deck up your restaurant so that people can’t wait to visit.

Christmas restaurant decoration can increase your restaurant footfall. Know how to deck up your restaurant.
Invest in high-quality wreaths, lights, garlands and other decorative stuff; you can utilize them again next year.

How to Decorate Your Restaurant For Christmas?

Here are some restaurant decoration tips to brighten your restaurant for Christmas.

1. Let Christmas Lights Shine

Christmas is a festival full of colourful lights! 

  • Use lanterns, lamps, string lights and flicker flame lights to create a Christmassy vibe in your restaurant decoration. 
  • Add lighting to your trees, windows, entryway, garlands, and ceilings. 
  • However, remember to find a balance with your lighting; they should complement your restaurant decoration and not overpower it

2. Get Christmas Tree

There is no Christmas without a Christmas tree!

  • Get a Christmas tree that fits your restaurant’s size and area. Decorate your tree with stars, bells, tinsels and angels.
  • You can also get more creative with your Christmas tree by decorating it with ornaments fitting with your restaurant theme & concept. If you have a bar, you can create a tree made of bottles or champagne glasses.

3. Call Santa Claus

Put a smile on all children’s faces with Santa Claus and make your restaurant kids’ friendly!  

  • Your Santa can distribute some goodies like chocolates, cakes, small toys, and even your restaurant discount coupons
  • Keeping a Santa Claus in your restaurant can be a huge crowd puller, as people look for places around the town where they can meet Santa Claus and get some goodies. 
  • Your staff can also wear Santa caps and wholly embrace the Christmas vibe. 

4. Centrepieces & Candles

Your tables, seating and cutleries should be Christmassy too. 

  • Decorate your restaurant table with centrepieces, snowflakes and scented candles
  • You can also put some fancy pillows with snowflakes, reindeer and Santa designs
  • Moreover, make some muffins and cupcakes you serve in the shape of snowflakes and reindeer.

5. Put Christmas Banners and Garlands

Hang a Christmas banner to announce you are open for Christmas and are celebrating it with a bang!

  • Banners are welcoming and joyful. Your banner can wish people Christmas and announce your holiday offerings
  • You can post your banner on all your social media platforms. 
  • If your restaurant has a staircase and fancy doorways, you can decorate it with garlands. 
  • Your entrance can also be decorated with wreaths and stars and spruce up your overall restaurant decoration.

6. Keep a Focal Point

Instead of decorating the entire place, you can keep a focal point. 

  • There’s nothing better than your entryway is your focal point. Your entryway is the first thing people will notice about your restaurant, attracting them to it. 
  • Decorate your entryway with two small Christmas trees, garlands, wreaths and lights. You can also seat your Santa at the entrance to entice customers in. 
  • You can also put a menu display in the front of the entryway and jazz it up with Christmas decorations. 
Keep Christmas restaurant decoration simple and classy. Get more tips.
Make sure not to overdo it with your restaurant decorations. Keep it simple and classy. 

Other Christmas Marketing Ideas For Your Restaurant

Here are some other ideas to boost your Christmas sales.

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1. Special Menu

Create a holiday-themed menu. Include items related to Christmas, like plum cakes and cookies, or rename some dishes to give them a Christmassy flavour. Take inspiration from Starbucks’ Pumpkin Spiced Latte and Mcdonalds’ Christmas-themed McFlurrys. 

2. Social Media

Tempt your customers with your festive decoration and a special holiday menu. Upload lovely pictures of your festive decoration on social media with details about your special menu, festival discounts and events. 

3. Events

Organize Christmas-themed parties and events like Christmas-themed karaoke, games nights etc. These events can act as a huge crowd-puller.

4. Gifts and Giveaways

Another thing closely associated with Christmas is gifts! How about offering your customers chocolates, plum cakes, and small gifts? These small gestures can make your customers feel appreciated and your restaurant more popular.

Keep Christmas restaurant decoration simple and classy. Get more tips.
Make sure your Christmas lights are warm and relaxing. You can also add a wood-burning fireplace outdoors.

Restaurants that deck up are likely to get more customers during the season than the ones that don’t. Follow these tips to create a beautiful Christmas vibe and attract customers. 

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