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6 Tips To Boost Restaurant Sales In Christmas 2022

Not repeating the famous pop-culture dialogue, but the winter is coming! And so are the festive seasons. Such festive seasons are also when businesses notice a peak in their sales and profit margins. Especially the retail F&B sector tries to make the most of these holidays like Thanks Giving, Christmas, and New Year to attract more customers and boost their cafe or restaurant sales.

However, with so many dining options available, it is crucial to implement the proper marketing strategies to attract customers and retail them through the festive months.

Here is an early Christmas gift from us to you: We have put together a list of practical strategies which will help you boost Christmas sales this year! 

Effective Strategies To Boost Restaurant Sales During Christmas 

1. Inform Customers That You Are Open For Business 

Many restaurant businesses take their annual winter break during this season. Make the most by informing your customers that you are waiting for them with open arms. Here are a few methods to implement this:

  • Display it on your website: Create an aesthetic festive banner for your website which informs the customers that they can celebrate Christmas at your restaurant. This will help you boost restaurant sales because people will consider your restaurant.
  • Post it on Social Media: The best way to reach most of your loyal customers and even potential ones during Christmas would be to share it on social media. You can create simple posters or design templates on Canva to let your customers know about your working hours, open days, festive discounts and any other festive events you are conducting!
how can I bring more sales to my restaurant
Christmas is a great time for restaurants to boost sales by getting into the festive spirit.

2. Boost Restaurant Sales By Allowing Advance Reservations 

You have convinced your consumers to spend Christmas day with you. Now what? Start taking reservations in advance through third-party restaurant apps, phone booking or your website.

By enabling reservations, you can reassure customers that they won’t need to worry about rush hour or stand in line. They have a table allocated for them and don’t have to worry about last-minute reservations. 

This also makes it easier for you to estimate the crowd and gauge the staff you need

Further, you can give a special discount to encourage more customers to make reservations in advance and reduce walk-ins. This will effectively boost festive sales because more and more people will make a reservation beforehand. 

3. Decorate To Boost Restaurant Sales 

To increase your Christmas sales, your restaurant business needs to embrace the spirit of Christmas. You can do this by decorating your establishment.

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Invest in Christmas decorations and share photos on social media platforms like Instagram. This will attract customers to visit your restaurant and click pictures.

A giant Christmas tree, beautiful fairy lights, a wreath on the door, and of course, a Santa Claus will transform your restaurant into a winter wonderland.

boost restaurant sales ideas and strategies
Beautiful decorations will motivate customers to visit your restaurant

4. Make A Special Theme Menu 

Apart from decorations, get into the festive spirit by designing a special Christmas-themed menu for your restaurant. 

Most restaurant businesses serve Christmas specials a week in advance to attract consumers. A special menu makes your restaurant stand out because people look forward to trying something new. 

If your restaurant has a bar, you can create a special bar menu and inculcate unique holiday cocktails. Here are some Christmas specials you can include in your menu:

  • Slow roasted turkey 
  • Herbed and mashed potatoes 
  • Eggnog 
  • Hot Toddy 
  • Peppermint Hot Chocolate 
  • Cranberry Gravy 
  • Apple Cinnamon Pie 
  • MeatLoaf 
  • Soy And Butter Braised Mushrooms 
how do I promote my restaurant menu during Christmas
Mouth-watering Christmas specials will help you stand out from the crowd

Apart from a menu, you can also serve a Christmas special dinner or lunch buffet, offering all the delicacies to your customer. It can be an exciting offer and help you increase restaurant profit margins. You can include the following things on the buffet for a more festive appeal:

  • Pumpkin Soup 
  • Christmas Tree Shaped Appetizers
  • Christmas Nut Roast
  • Cauliflower Wellington
  • Mushroom Pithiviers
  • Persian Rice Tart
  • Smoky Sweet Potato Salad With Spiced Nuts.
  • Vegetarian Haloumi Quiche

5. Run Promotions In Advance 

Gratitude is celebrated throughout December, especially around Christmas. As a result, most restaurant businesses inculcate giving gifts, doing good deeds, offering discounts, and doing other things that will make as many people happy as possible.

To boost restaurant sales, you can run digital and social media promotions since the beginning of December. Dedicate one week to one offer and give exciting gifts, rewards, discounts, and special surprises.

People heavily search for restaurants that can offer them a good deal, and if they frequently see your campaign, you will capture their mind space, thus increasing the chances of boosting your festive sales.

restaurant sales plan
A promotion campaign will help you reach a wider audience

Here are a few ideas to help you run an effective promotion campaign:

Week 1: 1+1 on all beverages before 7 pm

Week 2: 25% discount on the bill above.. (add a particular amount) 

Week 3: Subscribe to the restaurant newsletter and get a special discount coupon 

Week 4: First 50 customers get a special Christmas dessert 

Week 5: All guests dressed in Red get a 10% off on the final bill

Christmas is the most beautiful time of the year. With the right marketing strategy, your restaurant business can not only boost Christmas sales but also enhance the joyful experience of the customers.

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