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7 Easy Strategies To Ace Your Restaurant’s Marketing Game

As an independent restaurant owner, you should know how to leverage the digital platforms to make your business stand out. It is crucial to have an efficient social media marketing strategy to attract more customers to your restaurant. Digital marketing can be a valuable asset to your business’s growth and helps you establish an authoritative

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Petpooja Features To Boost Your Restaurant Sales

The restaurant industry in India experiences cut-throat competition nowadays. The old-age tradition of serving your customers good food is not enough to make you the best restaurant in your city anymore. Helpful customer interaction, quick service, innovative technological solutions, brand building, and rewarding your customers, are some more key aspects that affect your business in

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Your guide to hire the perfect restaurant manager

Management abilities are a rare gift to find. One of the most important decisions a restaurant can make is choosing the perfect manager to hire. A manager is a person responsible for controlling and administering tasks like billing, service, stock-keeping. They also manage the employees, the inventory, the finances and so on. Basically, a manager’s

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Employee benefits every staff wishes to have

Offering your employees benefits shows them that you value them as individuals. It also helps them build a deeper connection with the company. Employee benefits are known to increase productivity more than a pay raise! Providing employee benefits may sound like spending a lot of money or resources, but that is not always true. Here,

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The secret to attracting more customers

When you visit a restaurant on your birthday and they offer you complimentary desserts, don’t you feel extra special? We’ve all been there and we love getting pampered on special days. Now imagine if you keep receiving special treatment throughout the year, wouldn’t that be simply amazing?!That’s how you should make your customers feel. Rewarding

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8 server etiquette tips to improve your restaurant services

The restaurant business isn’t just about food anymore, it’s about the entire experience. How your servers treat your customers is an integral part for building a loyal customer base and retaining your brand image. Customers gauge the quality of the restaurant based on how the servers interact with them. First impressions are last impressions, ALWAYS!

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7 ways to improve your customer experience post-pandemic

Customer experience is a crucial part of the restaurant industry, having good food just doesn’t cut it anymore. For your restaurant business to grow, the overall experience your restaurant provides should be up to standards. This includes how the waiters talk to the customers, what color your walls are, what music you’re playing, etc. In

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Top 6 Organic Marketing Strategies You Must Try today

Did your latest email campaign attract new subscribers?   Do your blog posts increase the traffic on your website? Does ‘Organic Marketing’ really show profitable results? If you often ponder on such questions then clearly you’ve not yet found your Eureka moment in the vast wide world of Organic Marketing. But before are you confident that

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the emerging covid warriors: distributing free food

Our country is battling a crisis far beyond what one could imagine. The second wave of COVID pandemic has hit us hard and has given us no time to stabilize. Whether it be sample testing, healthcare facilities, or the vaccination drive, each sector has fallen short of the demand. But the one thing which has

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What Is Organic Marketing And How Is It Useful?

Have you read almost every blog, article or course on Marketing but still get nowhere? And do you often come across the magical word – “Organic Marketing” ? Well, whether Organic Marketing is magical or not, that depends on what results it reaps for you. While going through the myriad of content available online on

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