Top 6 Organic Marketing Strategies You Must Try today

Did your latest email campaign attract new subscribers?   Do your blog posts increase the traffic on your website? Does ‘Organic Marketing’ really show profitable results? If you often ponder on such questions then clearly you’ve not yet found your Eureka moment in the vast wide world of Organic Marketing. But before are you confident that

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the emerging covid warriors: distributing free food

Our country is battling a crisis far beyond what one could imagine. The second wave of COVID pandemic has hit us hard and has given us no time to stabilize. Whether it be sample testing, healthcare facilities, or the vaccination drive, each sector has fallen short of the demand. But the one thing which has

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What Is Organic Marketing And How Is It Useful?

Have you read almost every blog, article or course on Marketing but still get nowhere? And do you often come across the magical word – “Organic Marketing” ? Well, whether Organic Marketing is magical or not, that depends on what results it reaps for you. While going through the myriad of content available online on

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7 reasons Why you should Not open a Cloud Kitchen

You’d have come across a lot of blogs and articles which, List the benefits of opening up a Cloud KitchenORTop reasons to open up your Cloud KitchenORLearn how Cloud Kitchens are the future of the F & B industry and why are they so profitable? While some cloud-kitchens are very successful, every coin has 2

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Restaurant Menu Pricing Strategies
Menu Pricing Strategies

Top 5 Restaurant Menu Pricing Strategies

Are you constantly thinking about how to price a perfect menu for boosting your sales? Your restaurant’s menu plays an integral role in setting your customer’s expectations. The menu is your restaurant’s vital marketing tool, as it is the first thing that a customer looks for. While there are ample things to keep in mind

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cloud kitchen vs dine in
cloud kitchen vs dine in

Future of Restaurant Industry: Cloud Kitchen Vs Dine-In Restaurants

There has been quite some buzz around the future of the restaurant industry. The pandemic has changed the food industry’s approach and is influencing them to revamp the definition of new normal. Speaking of trends, Cloud Kitchens has been the roaring highlight. It is pretty hard to ignore the revolutionary impact they have made on

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restaurant sustaainability
reduce restaurant costs

How to Reduce your Restaurant’s Costs and make it Sustainable?

Sustainability is something we all have heard before but trust us, it is way more than using paper straws and cups. These small changes do have a huge impact, there are more ways in which a restaurant can become sustainable by- sustainable farming, dining, and eating, fair product pricing. These methods are more than just

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Latest Restaurant Trends
Latest Restaurant Trends 2021

Petpooja’s 2021 Restaurant Guide: All The Upcoming Trends And New Normal

The food industry is set to grow for many years to come, given the widening exposure to new cultures and cuisines. Indians are known for their affection for delicious delicacies. Every year, the restaurant industry witnesses specific consumer behaviour. Of Course, no one could have predicted the way 2020 turned out. But here we have

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menu petpooja


The pandemic has got everyone to try new things. With the rise in Covid cases across the nation, people have constantly opted for at-home delivery. Well, we can’t lie but it has been quite convenient. However, customers still hope for a sense of community and comfort. Times like these require restaurants to up their game

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swiggy vs zomato
food delivery platforms in india

Food Delivery War: Which is better, Swiggy or Zomato?

Digitalization has impacted all areas of our life. Without a doubt, food tech startups have transformed the way Indians eat. Ordering food online has become very convenient and affordable that you ought to get lured in. Several food delivery startups have created a presence in over 300 cities across India. So what comes to your

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