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Best Type Of Restaurant Table Designs To Enhance Customer Experience

You may think what’s the big deal in picking out a rectangle table with 2 or 4 chairs and tossing a white plain cover on it? Well, if you don’t care about customer experience and the aesthetics of your restaurant then selecting the restaurant table designs can be the easiest decision you can make. 

However, if you’re a restaurant owner who keeps dining experience and customer satisfaction on top of your mind then here’s your guide.

Let’s See How You Can Choose The Correct Restaurant Table Design For Your Business

1. The Classic Booth

Booths are cosy, warm and comfy table designs for your restaurant. Booths are loved by people because it provides privacy and seclusion from the crowd. If your restaurant has more aisle width you can for sure implement the booth designs. The booths can be more expensive than other kinds of open tables but in a long run, they save you a lot of costs. 

You can also implement other table designs at your restaurant and give the booth design to a selected special area to accommodate people who request a private booth. You can also charge higher for this selected area. 

booth tables for restaurants in India | Best Type Of Restaurant Table Designs To Enhance Customer Experience

2. Comfy Sofa Chairs With Round Table

If you have outdoor seating in your restaurant then a comfortable sofa chair and coffee table styled seating can be the perfect setting for your restaurant.

This kind of table design usually goes best with serving coffees or drinks along with some small appetizers and snacks.

sofa chair comfortable coffee table design for restaurants

3. High Top Tables & Stools

If you want to make your restaurant a hotspot for after-work drinks or casual meetups with your friends or colleagues then high top tables and stool table design is the best for your business. This kind of table will also attract casual pop-ins and a quick unwinding place after work where people can chat, snack and enjoy a few beverages. 

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This table design with elevated tables and stools provides flexibility and an optimal dining experience where you can easily add more people to the table or bring the tables closer together easily as per customers’ requests.

However, if you are a fine dining restaurant that provides a restaurant atmosphere for a family or group of friends to have proper dining and a longer stay then this kind of table design can negatively impact their customer experience. As these tables and chairs are only suitable and comfortable for a short period of time. 

best type of table design for your restaurant

4. The Bar Seating

The purpose of bar seating in a restaurant has evolved from a place to wait and enjoy a drink before your table opens up to a more relaxed and interactive dining experience preferred by many.

People prefer to sit at the bar instead of being seated at a more formal table because you get all the dining options but with shorter wait times and quicker services.

If you are into a pub business or a sports bar you should definitely invest in bar height tables and stools with proper footrests. 

Best bar seating for restaurant in india

5. Good Old Square-Rectangle Shaped Table 

Lastly, you can always have a good old rectangle or square-shaped table to fall back on. 

These tables are simple, cost-effective and provide optimal comfort to your customers. 

You can buy tables that are suited for 2, 4 or 6 people or you can also join a two-person table to make it a 4, 6 or 8 person table. 

If you are into family restaurants, banquets, party halls or large restaurants then you can definitely opt for this kind of table design. You can be creative with the table cloth and nail the table setting to make it outstanding and unique. 

best and cheap table design for restaurant

The table design you choose can also affect the volume of guests and how many tables can be served simultaneously so choose the table design that is best suited for your floor and naturally flows in the restaurant atmosphere. Try mixing and integrating different table designs to support the various sizes of groups. 

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