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5 Best Bar Marketing Ideas Of 2022

Marketing is the essential aspect of any kind of business. It does not matter which industry you belong to, making your business accessible to the customers is important. The same is for the F&B industry too. The restaurants and bars in India spend a good 5-10% of their total revenue on marketing. And ever since the entry of digital marketing, usage of social media, third-party platforms, websites, etc. has increased drastically.

Even now, while you are reading this blog, there are hundreds of people googling ‘Best Bar near me’. The ranking of your bar website is directly related to the number of potential customers you would be reaching out to. Hence, higher the ranking higher the chances of converting leads. Along with that, there are many other bar marketing tricks and tools you can choose to earn customers’ loyalty.

5 Great Ideas For Bar Marketing

Marketing, not just online but offline too, is a regular process. There need to be regular checks about the market trends and your customers need to be constantly reminded of your services and offers. Keep reading to know how you can optimise your bar marketing strategy.

1. Map Out Your Demographics

There are many studies which show that the marketing methodology, medium and techniques change as per the demographic it targets. If you are a trendy bar with extended dance areas or clubs, then you are more likely to be welcoming young people. And so, your marketing strategy and channels would be the ones which are used by your demographic. If you are a high-end bar with a fine-dine setup then you might be serving a more mature crowd. Then you might wish to opt for an email or SMS campaign rather than spamming their Instagrams.

Who your target audience is will help decide your marking channels. For events such as ladies’ night, you can tap into female-centric channels or spread word-of-mouth via your female networks on Instagram. If you are hosting sports telecasts at your bar, then circulating digital or physical flyers outside sports clubs or on Instagram might be one of the ways to do it! Remember whatever medium you choose, it should not just be reaching your customers, but also vast till your potential clients; Customers are highly likely to come to your bar only if they know about you.

social media is important tools for efficient bar marketing.

2. Create Digital Presence

By being online we mean being digitally present everywhere. Having active social media accounts and a high ranking website are non-negotiables. Along with that, you should be listed on third-party platforms like Zomato, Swiggy, Dine-out, Trip-advisor, and especially on Google! There are many tools which help build a website and help your website rank higher than your competitors.

For bar marketing, social media is very crucial. The best way to regularly keep posting and updating your followers. Here you can always leverage your bar theme, ambience and bartenders’ cocktail making skills to attract more customers. Just take out your phone, click and record! To expand your audience, you can always reach out to social media marketers who can promote your bar to their huge digital audience. Hashtag campaigns, parenting with fellow bar owners and gentling nudging your clients to tag your bar in their posts, also help in increasing your social media audience.

3. Host Events & Activities

Smart Bar owners know that the customer footfall increases when there is an event being hosted in the bar. Hence, the sales also increase. Many bars have a separate event space while many have a make-shift space for events like live music, solos and bands, open mics, DJ nights and even small parties. Employ your social media accounts to create a buzz about such events. Another great way would be to list the event on platforms such as Book my show which is created specifically to market and promote local events.

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You can host special events to host movie screenings, live sports, ladies’ nights and themed parties at your bar. Game night has also become a marketing trend among bars. Take the example of Doolally, Pune which has become famous for its bar games and quizzes.

4. Offer Discounts And Loyalty Points

Everyone loves discounts! The whole idea of discounts is to improve marginal profits. If you run a BOGO offer, then you would be selling more and making marginally more profit. The same idea implies to ladies’ nights, happy hours, game nights, and coupon or group discounts.

To have customers visit you often, you can create their loyalty wallets and credit points with every visit. Loyalty wallets keep the customer engaged with your brand and bring them back to avail those points or collect more. Creating and managing loyalty wallets is easier with the help of a PoS system. The PoS can generate CRM and wallet reports for the owner to assess and plan on marketing campaigns.

happy hour helps increase bar sales and bar marketing.

5. Use SMS And Email Campaigns

The marketing campaigns are the promotional SMS, emails and feedback forms sent to the already existing and new customers. These campaigns are another way of personally customising the offers and reaching out to the customers. These messages can be customised to address the receiver directly and, hence, this creates a B2C connection. When the customer is personally addressed and revered, they too feel loyal to the brand itself.

The PoS stores all necessary customer data. This data can be used to generate SMS campaigns, birthdays/ anniversary campaigns and even push new bar updates and offers or discounts.

These are essential marketing techniques you should be employing. The success of marketing lies in understanding your product/service and understanding what your customer wants. When you are able to form a bridge to bring these two together is when marketing succeeds and the business grows.

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Ishika Tripathi
Ishika Tripathi
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