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How To Create A Food Menu For Bar That People Can’t Resist

Good booze, good music and good food. That’s all you need to make your bar a great hit! Once you have your bar drinks menu sorted, and you have hired the most awesome DJ in the town, the last and the most important thing is creating a great food menu! Adding a food menu is a terrific method for bar owners to draw in new patrons, increase sales, and revitalize their establishment.

The cost of getting kitchen equipment and running it will full capacity is the challenge, many bars do not provide a bar food menu. Like every food menu of a good restaurant, there are some fundamentals you can follow to stand out and attract people for more than a cocktail.

In this article, we shed light on the basics to create a food menu for your bar which customers cannot resist! Keep reading for some insightful tips

bar food menu items
A great bar needs a great food menu to complement the drinks

What Goes Into A Bar Food Menu

There is a plethora of lip-smacking delicacies to offer on the menu. How do you decide what should go into your bar menu and what the bouncers need to keep out? Sit down, and pour a beer, we got you!

Develop a simple food menu when you are first starting the business of running a bar. Most of the time, your customers don’t come to you for the newest experimental cuisine. Instead, people choose simple, well-known foods that they can munch on as they enjoy the drinks you are pouring. 

Still confused? (no more beers for you!) Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to create the best bar food menu:

1. The Classic Appetizers 

Would you ever design a bar menu without a cosmopolitan? Just like that, a good food menu is incomplete without the classics. Some of the top bar food staples are still popular despite the industry’s shifting bar trends. Here are some popular bar menu suggestions to please your patrons and increase sales:

  • French Fries 
  • Wings 
  • Nachos 
  • Sliders 
  • Fried Vegetables
  • Onion Rings 

Apart from these evergreen food menu options, you can also include international classics like mozzarella sticks or a regional classic depending on the location of your bar. 

2. The Grub Of The Pub 

The term “pub grub” is used to describe standard bar fare like wings, onion rings, mozzarella sticks, hamburgers, and so on. Pub grub often refers to anything that is deep-fried or contains a lot of saturated fat.

This is typically a good place to start if you want to work in the food service industry. People anticipate finding this type of food in bars.

These full dishes created to please your customers’ palates can be found on pub grub menus: 

  • Sandwiches and Fries: Create large, thick sandwiches and charge them appropriately. Except in college towns, customers often recall the size rather than the price. Most students prefer to eat a filling meal for as little money as feasible. Grilled cheese, Mexican and classic vegetables are some of the best options for your food menu.
  • Fried cauliflower/chicken wings: A cult favourite, wings, depending on the regulations of your bar, can be a great option for your bar food menu. The spicy, tangy flavour pairs well with almost every alcohol.
  • Pizza: Ah! A large cheese pizza and a pint of chilled beer- sounds like heaven! And that’s exactly what your customers will feel too if you add a range of pizzas to your food menu.

    Here are the types of menus every restaurateur should know about
easy bar food menu ideas
The right food can enhance the appeal of your bar

3. Everything You Can Eat

If you do not want to limit yourself to a bar and envision building a full-scale restaurant, you will need to create a food menu that reflects that. You can inculcate main course dishes in your bar food menu to retain customers or even simplify your kitchen order management while catering to larger crowds.

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Happy hours always is a big hit. But what about other hours? A special buffet-hour or All-you-can-eat hour to bring in customers is also a wonderful idea for a bar menu. Here are some great options to put into a full blow menu:

  • Pasta 
  • Salads 
  • Steaks 
  • Desserts 

4. Provide Best Food Recommendations

The best bar food menu usually goes well with the cocktails that are provided there. It’s always a good idea to take your drink menu into account when planning your bar food menu.

For instance, If you provide wheat and light lagers, consider expanding your bar food selection to include burgers or spicy dishes. For pairing wines, add some cheese and seafood.

5. Inculcate Images 

Apart from the food, you also need to focus on what your food menu looks like. A mouthwatering image can influence menu decisions more than anything else.

You can either employ a professional photographer or take tips on food photography from this blog! And don’t forget to add the same photos to your third-party food delivery platform to get more online food orders!

unique food menu ideas
The right price and an interesting design are as important as the food on the menu

6. Create A Price Range 

It’s rather inexpensive to make classic bar cuisines like wings, french fries, and onion rings. You may buy cheap bulk bar food, and the majority of it can be made quickly and with little effort.

For two reasons, your menu should include more traditional bar fare. It enables you to maintain your food’s affordability for the majority of customers, and you may still make a sizable profit even with low costs.

Best Tips To Market Your Bar Food Menu

1. Invite Influencers and Food Critics

Getting influencers or critics to spot your bar in a social media post is a terrific approach to promoting your new food menu. Although it may appear daunting, attracting influencers is actually easier than it sounds.

An invitation is sufficient to persuade them to come in, and once they do, it’s your chance to impress them with your mouthwatering new menu. A menu update is actually a natural opportunity to invite a critic in. Your new menu is the ideal incentive because they are constantly seeking out fresh and interesting items to evaluate.

most profitable bar food menu
Food critics and influencers can help create organic hype around your food menu

2. Create Hype Through Social Media

Everyone is aware that social media is a rising platform for business promotion, but by being innovative with your social media campaign, you may attract new customers and generate significant buzz around your new menu. Make a contest or a giveaway where clients are asked to upload or take a picture of your new bar food menu.

Make sure that they tag your restaurant when they share it on their own social media pages. This will draw in new followers who will visit to sample your food and tell their followers about it as well.

This brings us to the end of our menu-hopping journey.  A solid bar food menu is crucial whether you manage a posh, high-end bar or a laid-back pub. A well-rounded menu is important since the best bar food can range from traditional pub fare to original and creative items from your kitchen.

Additionally, by effectively pricing your menu, you can not only delight your customers but also grow your business.

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