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Must-have Bar Equipment To Simplify Your Rush Hours

Having the right bar equipment is essential for a bar’s efficient functioning and a high-quality customer experience. It simplifies and speeds up the serving of alcohol.

If you are planning to start your own bar and are wondering which bar equipment you should be buying, this blog is for you. This blog is to help you with buying all the necessary equipment to run your bar smoothly.

But don’t worry—in this article, we’re NOT going to discuss the expensive & extravagant equipment that many bartenders employ just for aesthetic purposes. We will only make recommendations of bar tools and equipment that are absolutely necessary for a quick and efficient service to guests.

14 Must-have Bar Equipment For Faster Bar Service

Bar equipment is a hefty investment. But they are also essential for your bartenders & mixologists. When there is the availability of needed tools, bar service becomes faster & more customers can be served. Keep reading to know all the tools that you need!

1. Bar Mats and Service Mats

A rubber mat that sits on the bar’s edge is known as a bar mat. They are placed there by bartenders when they pour, mix, and garnish drinks. These mats help keep the bar area clean & dry. They are easy to wash, dry & reuse.

Service bar counter is where bartenders place finished drinks. These counters also have similar mats that help keep the area clean & hygienic.

2. Bar Spoons

Bar spoons are one of the most important tools on the bar equipment list. They are used to blend the flavours of the various ingredients and strain or stir the concoction before serving. These spoons have a long handle that makes it simple to maintain multiple layers without disturbing one another while stirring the ingredients without breaking the ice.

You can pick bar equipment & customise them as per your bar theme

3. Cocktail Shakers

A cocktail shaker is a glass-like tool used to mix beverages by shaking. When ice is put in the shaker, it allows for a quicker cooling of the drink before serving. There are many different types of shakers available in the market. Check out this blog to know which shaker suits you the most.

4. Bottle Opener

Bars are literally brimming with glass bottles that have been tightly sealed with a cap on top. Hence, this is among the most crucial bar equipment available.

5. Corkscrew

This device is used to open corks from old well-aged wines, rum bottles, vodka & champagne without any hassle.

6. Chopping Board & Knives

A good quality bar equipment list will definitely include a decent set of different-sized knives. It is used frequently to cut lemons, limes, and any other fruit or vegetable that is used as a garnish for your cocktail.

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A chopping board is a need while cutting objects. A chopping board is more hygienic than a benchtop for cutting, which is something you’ll need. Additionally, it will preserve the edge on your knife longer.

7. Jiggers

That tiny measuring tool you see bartenders using behind the counter is called a jigger. They are used to precisely measure the ingredients in a cocktail so that it remains balanced.

When you first start out, using a jigger is highly recommended. Even though free pouring is more accurate and certainly faster, there is a reason why the majority of cocktail bar equipment includes jiggers. It is the most reliable method for precisely measuring liquid in a glass.

A woman using a strainer to filter out unwanted stuff from the shaker and pouring the drink in a glass.
A fine mesh strainer is used over a cocktail glass to make the drink clear with no leftover pulp or other unwanted ingredients.

8. Strainer

Strainers are used to filter out non-essential ingredients from a drink, like fruit pulp, ice, fruit seeds, etc. Strainers are one of the key pieces of equipment required to make a cocktail.

9. Ice Bucket and Scoop

You’ll need an ice bucket to save time going back and forth between the bar and the freezer. Because using bare hands is unsanitary, ice cubes will be removed with a scoop and poured into drinks.

10. Muddler

A muddler is generally used to crush fruit and sugar when making cocktails like a Mojito or an Old-Fashioned classic drink. But you can also use them as a makeshift ice crusher by placing cubed ice in the cocktail shaker’s container and crushing it!

11. Speed pourers 

Spouts at the end of bottles in a bar are called speed pourers. They enable you to more precisely measure your free pouring and manage the flow of a bottle pour. Overall, speed-pourers speed up the process of creating drinks.

12. Tongs 

In bars, tongs are mostly used to lift the ice scoop from the bracket and place it in the serving glass.

13. Rimmer

One of the bar tools and equipment that you must have is a rimmer. The rim of a glass is coated with sugar and salt using a rimmer. The glass is typically placed upside down into one or more shallow plastic or metal discs.

14. A Good POS System

For all business-related operations to run more smoothly in bars a strong POS system is a must-have! The customer experience component of a bar business, as well as other reports like inventory management reports, waste reports, staff reports, etc., will all be handled by an efficient POS system like Petpooja.

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Hope this blog was helpful. Although depending on your bar menu the list of your bar equipment might vary, these tools are helpful nonetheless.

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