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6 Advantages of Having A Website For Your Restaurant

You would’ve heard the phrase ‘World in the palm of your hands’ well, that’s exactly what Google has done. Think about searching  the meaning of a simple world to learning about any and all global events, you just have to ‘Google it!’. There is massive availability of information on the internet. If you are not putting your product online or having a website for your restaurant, then you are missing out on potential customers.

And similarly even for the restaurant owners it is equally important to market business not just in the real but also the virtual (internet) world. Customer research about the restaurant’s menu, ambiance and many other aspects before picking a suitable place. If you are a restaurant owner then, you should read about

6 advantages of having a website for your restaurant:  

According to a survey, 75% of customers often choose a restaurant to dine at based on the Google search results.

1. It creates credibility

Before buying any product or service a customer needs all information about it. That is exactly why you need a website. A well made website would help earn customer loyalty and attention. Even the Google algorithm is designed to promote local businesses. So, the next time your customer Googles ‘Best pizza places’ your restaurant’s websites would come in the top searches!

Restaurant business and importance of website

2. Provides key information

Your websites provides the most basic of information about your restaurant. You can upload your address, opening and closing time, menu, pictures of your ambiance, social media links and food blogs. It becomes your space to be creative. It also become a space where you can promote your restaurant’s social activities and other services.

3. Its affordable marketing

If you are looking for an affordable way to market your restaurant, then a website is your one-stop solution. Even thought it looks technical and daunting Google’s self provided services for new businesses would help you. The website owners are guided through the entire process and given all needed assistance in having your website up and running with days.

Save money with restaurant website

4. Create your brand image

Due to pandemic restaurant business is heavily affected and the only way they have learned to survive is through their third party aggregators like Swiggy, Zomato, Danzo and other player. But even thought they do provide business to the restaurant, they do not help in building its brand image. This can be done with the use of a personal website where you can tell more about your restaurant, its vision and mission, upload beautiful pictures of your ambiance, menu and food, promote other branches and services.

5. Upload your Testimonials and Book Tables

Your website is a great place to put your good reviews and testimonials. Any potential customer can read through your reviews and understand why other people love your place, what are the specials in the menu and what they should look forward to. Many times the customer prefers to book table directly through the restaurant. It makes them feel assured of the restaurant services. Even for restaurants it becomes an opportunity to provide personalized experience for the customer.  

Restaurant Customer reviews

6. Update your customer

The only way any customer, new or old, comes to know about any major changes in the menu and setup of a restaurant is through word of mouth or social media. Through your website, you can keep your customers engaged and updated about various up and coming events, menu updates, special offers, promos, discounts and affiliation done with other brands. You can provide them with newsletters services and favorite customer offers which would only attract more potential clients and customers.

Restaurant business and website

For any business, website is just as important as visiting card. It helps create a face of the business and earn brand reputation. Restaurant owners understand this and so go out of their way to make their websites as creative and attractive as possible. Take a look at La Pinoz or Malaka Spice for example. Website is the point of connection for every potential customer and so if they like the way the restaurant is presented, they are more than likely to visit the place. Along with that, they it is equally important to provide them with the best inhouse service and Petpooja is there to help you with that!

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