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Advanced Restaurant Technology To Look Out For In 2023

The restaurant industry of India is all set to cross INR 75,000 Crores net worth in the coming few years. The reason behind this fast pace growth is “Restaurant Technology”.

Advanced restaurant technology refers to the use of cutting-edge software, hardware, and other technological solutions to improve the efficiency, accuracy, and overall performance of a restaurant.

One of the key benefits of advanced restaurant technology is that it can help streamline operations, reduce costs, improve customer experience and increase revenue.

Keeping up with ever-changing restaurant technology can be hard. But, in order to remain relevant and sustainable in the increasingly crowded market, you need to adapt according to the changing trends. Investing in technology may seem unreasonable sometimes, but their results are indispensable in the longer term.

Here’s a list of advanced restaurant technology to look out for in 2023 to grow your business

1. Cloud-based POS System

A POS system can automate many tasks that were previously done manually, such as processing orders, tracking inventory, and generating reports. This can save time and reduce the risk of errors, ultimately leading to faster service and higher customer satisfaction

The common thing between all the new generation technology is seamless integration. In a restaurant, there are multiple devices such as the POS system, kitchen display system, printers, kiosk, billing machines and a lot of others. Those devices should be able to communicate with each other.

The biggest advantage of a cloud-based POS is that your restaurant can even work offline. So, even if you have a power-cut or your internet is down, your restaurant operations are unaffected. All your offline data gets easily synced with your POS once your internet is back. Your cloud-based POS system should be able to sync data on its own over multiple connected devices without any human interference.

While buying a POS system for your restaurant, make sure that it provides you easy communication and focuses on analytics & reporting so that you can measure the restaurant’s performance in depth anytime from anywhere.

Petpooja POS India's number one cloud based restaurant management POS

2. Token Management

If your restaurant is bustling with dine-in as well as online orders, then you should invest in a good Token Management System.

Just like at the airport, a screen is installed outside your restaurant where the delivery executives and take-away customers can know the live status of their orders directly on a screen, without having to ask the restaurant staff or manager.

This not only saves time but also eases the process while your waiters are hustling to serve the dine-in orders.

online order management with petpooja

3. Waiter Calling System

Have you ever noticed that your restaurant turns into a street market when multiple customers are calling your waiters on a busy weekend and your waiters are loudly coordinating with each other to get on time?

As a restaurant owner, you must be worried about your restaurant aesthetic and the impression you will be leaving on your customer if this repeats every weekend right? Then you should look out for this latest technology of “Waiter Calling System“.

It’s a small device kept on every table of your restaurant with 3 buttons for – Waiter, Bill and Water requests. The requests can be viewed on the POS System which will help your waiting staff to manage better.

The Waiter Calling System (WCS) will eliminate the unnecessary noise of your customers calling the waiters for their requests. It will save a lot of time and energy for your waiters. You can also reduce your labour cost using this device and make sure that your restaurant maintains its peaceful and aesthetic vibe.

Petpooja waiter calling system device for great customer experience

4. Voice-ordering Kiosk

Digitization has been taken by the world and especially the restaurant industry. Self-ordering kiosks gained popularity around the 2000s however this is the era of voice-ordering kiosks with AI intelligence.

According to National Restaurant Association, 79% of customers believe restaurant kiosks make their experiences more convenient. Here’s how:

  • Voice-ordering kiosk provides faster services
  • Your menu becomes easier to navigate for a customer
  • It improves health and hygiene measures
  • Customers tend to order more via voice-ordering kiosk
    and much more...

It also reduces turnaround time for restaurants which you can utilize by serving more orders. Moreover, it almost takes error-free orders and improves employee efficiency as well.

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Restaurants are always looking for a special menu or ambience to stand out from the competition. Investing in a voice ordering kiosk is a great move for adding a cutting edge to your competition and reducing cost.

voice ordering kiosk petpooja

5. Online Order Reconciliation Report

It becomes a headache for managers and owners to reconcile their multiple channel orders and data after a busy weekend. Not only does it take hours and hours of effort but it can also be inaccurate many times.

With the increase of online aggregator contribution to overall sales, the importance of reconciliation between aggregator payout reports and actual sales becomes important. Often, due to hefty discounts, sudden cancellations, TCS and other penalties, the effective commission rates of these online aggregators are much higher than the actual commission stated on the contract by aggregators. At times, there also arise discrepancies in the payout reports.

Therefore, in order to protect your data and reduce costs for your business, you should invest in a software that gives you a complete picture of your orders, commissions, discounts, cancellations and any pending order payouts.

6. Advanced Restaurant Analytics

In order to grow your restaurant business and remain profitable, you need to know the data of your business. As a restaurateur, choose a restaurant POS or a restaurant management software, that allows you to have valuable restaurant data that you can easily use to increase your restaurant revenue and ease your operations.

Using the analytics feature, you should be able to view your restaurant data in easy-to-understand graphs and chart representations. You can also customize your Restaurant Analytics Dashboard the way you want to.

It’s time to understand your numbers before making any decision. Leave behind the cluttered & boring text reports, and see only the data that matters the most to you.
Check out Petpooja Inisghts to customise your data reports the way you want it.

restaurant analytics software petpooja

7. End-to-End Payment Application

Cash leakage and payment frauds are major challenges faced in the restaurant business. Cash leakage refers to the loss of revenue due to inefficient cash management, such as theft by employees or errors in cash handling. Payment frauds, on the other hand, involve fraudulent transactions or chargebacks initiated by customers.

To avoid these fraudulent activities you can simply invest in a smart end-to-end payment encryption system. Petpooja POS being a leading restaurant technology company has come up with a great solution to your worries.

With Petpooja Pay, you get a super handy EDC machine powered with Petpooja Payment software & Paytm Hardware for an end-to-end payment solution for your restaurant. This will prevent cash leakage and payment frauds while also providing regular reports and 100% transparency in cost and charges ensuring the financial health and sustainability of your restaurant business.

Payment application for restaurants with security and protection against cash leakages

8. On-The-Go POS System

Have you ever faced management troubles during peak hours? and wished if there was a short cut to avoid back and fro trips from the customer’s table to the billing counter.

Restaurant management can face various problems during peak hours, like

  • Long wait times
  • Increased order volume
  • Staff shortages
  • Inefficient workflow
  • Inconsistent food quality

    which can adversely affect the quality of service and overall customer experience.

To overcome these problems, you can invest in a smart android mobile POS like Petpooja GO that ensures on-the-go restaurant billing and management. This avoids the server’s unnecessary trips to the table and makes the entire process accurate and smooth.

Moreover, restaurant management can implement strategies such as hiring extra staff during peak hours, streamlining the workflow, optimizing the menu to reduce wait times and effective internal communication to ensure a smooth service experience for customers.

Smart android POS for restaurants business in india for quick billing and restaurant management

Using the right technology is key for running your business, but using the best restaurant technology will smoothen out your processes and help run your restaurant efficiently. Investing in advanced technology may seem like a stretch but it will help your business gain a competitive edge in the longer run.

Petpooja provides a robust cloud-based POS system with all the best features and services in the industry for your restaurant. Want to know more about advanced technologies by Petpooja?
Contact us at: inquiry@petpooja.com or +917046223344

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