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8 server etiquette tips to improve your restaurant services

The restaurant business isn’t just about food anymore, it’s about the entire experience. How your servers treat your customers is an integral part for building a loyal customer base and retaining your brand image. Customers gauge the quality of the restaurant based on how the servers interact with them.

First impressions are last impressions, ALWAYS!

So, keep your first impressions pleasant and delightful.

Server etiquette is something that a lot of restaurants tend to overlook, as the main focus always remains the food, but going the extra mile to improve your serving etiquette is what will set your restaurant apart from the rest.

Here are 8 quick tips to help your servers ensure a better customer experience: –

1. Greet every guest that enters

The servers should make the customer feel warm and welcome as soon as they walk in the restaurant. It also reflects that the restaurant has a healthy work environment.

2. Never say “I don’t know”

As soon as you say “I don’t know” the customer assumes incompetency. Replace it with “let me find out” or “I’ll check”, it sounds more professional.

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3. Never interrupt a conversation

Never walk up to a customer to inform them about something while they are having a conversation, it may be considered rude. Wait for them to finish their conversation or when they’ve paused, to give them any sort of information.

4. Check for availability

Check your restaurant inventory and inform the guests beforehand if something isn’t available. If an ingredient or a dish isn’t available, inform the customer beforehand to save them the disappointment.

5. Always serve the customer from the left, and clear the table from the right

Always serve the customer from the left using the left hand and clear the tables from the right using the right hand. Also, do not serve over a person. Go beside the customer you want to serve and then serve them.

6. Never touch a customer

You should not touch a customer for any reason. It invades their personal space and is not considered professional. If you have spilt something on them ask them what they require politely.

7. Never put the blame on anyone, focus on finding a fix

Your co-workers may commit mistakes. Do not throw them under the bus and play the blame game, rather just fix the situation and address it later on when the customers aren’t present.

8. Don’t let the alcohol bottle touch the glass while pouring into it

Don’t let the outside of the alcohol bottle touch the glasses while pouring, it’s considered unhygienic and can also annoy the customer.

 Try these tips and let us know which one made the most noticeable difference in your restaurant!

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