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8 Essential POS Features To Upscale Your Bar, Pub Or Brewery

The functionings of bars and breweries are different when compared to a QSR or a fine-dine restaurant. The bars have low investments in food ingredients but high investments in liquor inventory. And when there is such a large flow of capital going into acquiring this inventory, there needs to be an investment made for managing it too. The task of managing has been handed over to the current advancing technology. With the entry of automation into the restaurant industry, the core and repetitious managerial tasks are being handed over to the technology to avoid errors and miscalculations.

This technology is primarily a bar and brewery POS which has become the key component in managing not just the billing, but even the inventory and customer end of the business. If you are a bar owner looking to know more about the bar POS features, keep reading!

Why Do You Need A POS For Your Business?

If you are not yet familiar with the bar POS features, which can ease your life and lead to smoother business management, then here are reasons why you should be using a POS for your outlet.

  • Simplifies bar, brewery and pub management.
  • Manage your inventory more efficiently and keep track of the liquor consumption rate.
  • With Bar pos features, you can create strong customer data which can be used to provide a personalised experience and offer discounts and loyalty points.
  • POS keeps track of all your bills, payments and sales, this way, there is transparency maintained in the business.
  • The POS is adaptable to all your staff and customers’ needs. By employing different integrations, you can take payment using various modes, allot working schedules to your staff and even create a separate online and offline food menu for third-party aggregators.
  • POS provides users with detailed reports about their business. This detail is essential in planning the growth and expansion of the business. For owners owning multiple bars, breweries or pubs outlets, this provides ease in keeping track of all their outlets.
Bar POS features essential for the growth of your business. | Features To Upscale Your Bar, Pub Or Brewery

8 Essential Bar POS Features

There are many different kinds of features that POS provides. But it is essential to you which features are important for the growth of your outlet type! By using the below bar POS features effectively, you can simplify your management. If you too wish to grow your business, provide the best service and increase sales, keep reading!

1. Multi-terminal Billing

In bars, pubs and breweries, customers are ordering food too alongside the liquor. During the rush hours, the billing counter and the biller can get overwhelmed by a large number of orders they have to punch through the same billing counter. All of this can be simplified by using different terminals for food and drinks. This way your mixologists and your chefs get separate KOTs only assigned to their respective stations! Assessing daily sales and inventory consumption also becomes simpler by this. Rather than going through various repeated, cancelled and reordered bill receipts, you can directly check the station-wise sales.

2. Alcohol Inventory Management

The core investment in any bar, brewery or pub is for the liquor. For the breweries, there is further investment in making and storing the beer. And so, it is essential that all the cost made for storage and inventory is justified and the owner can track the consumption rate, the wastage and reduce spillage and theft. An ideal Bar POS would be the one which provides drink-wise or item-wise inventory management reports. With this, you can understand the consumption or sales pattern, plan purchase orders or stocking and regulate prices or offers for maximum profits!

3. Happy Hours And Combo Offers

Everyone loves happy hours! Be it the customers or the bar owners. But creating such offers, keeping in mind the sales and the profits can be a difficult task. This task too can be left to the POS. The POS would help you create the best offers and discounts keeping in mind the profit margins and inventory. Once this is set, all you have to do is to invite your customers for a fun evening at your outlet. The POS would immediately use the offers while making the bills which would reduce the burden on your staff so that they can focus on giving the best customer service!

4. Customisable Bills

A hundred things are going around in the bar during the rush hours. The staff is always running around trying to accommodate and serve every single customer. In such times, when customers request split bills, your staff should not break a sweat. With the customisable bills feature in POS, you can split the bill in the way your customer wants. This saves time for your customers and your billers.

5. Track Your Customer Data

Every type of outlet needs customer data to map the sales, market trends and demands. But apart from that, your customer data can also be used to provide personalised experience, discounts and offers. This has become a prevalent industry trend resulting due to the rise in competition. More and more businesses are entering the market and they all wish to earn customer loyalty. By reaching out to them with the help of SMS, website, hosting events or even social media giveaway campaigns, you can bring more customers to your outlet and hence, increase your chances of converting more customers into loyal ones.

6. Captain Application

The task of an ideal POS is to facilitate business operations for each staff remembers. With the help of a Captain Application, table and customer management becomes easier for your captain. This mobile-based app is linked with the POS and helps the captain take customer orders right at their tables. This reduces the workload on the biller and the wait time for the customer. The captain can print the KOT directly from the app and inform the kitchen staff about the next table order.

7. Reports And Stats

Any business cannot run without measuring the ROI and the growth. This is why your POS must provide you with all the essential stats and data about your business. Be it data on sales, inventory consumption rate, wastage, staff reports, customer reports, online order reports or payment reports, the POS should have it all! This data can be downloaded for your convenience and viewed from anywhere, at any time.

bar POS features that help increase sales. | Features To Upscale Your Bar, Pub Or Brewery

8. Waiter Calling System

Bars, pubs and breweries are always bustling with people enjoying their time with friends and families. During such rush hours, managing customer orders and requests can be a task for the staff. With the help of a waiter calling system, your waiter would immediately know when which table needs what assistance. The device has three buttons for water, waiter and bill. By pressing either button the POS system would be alerted and staff assistance would be provided. This saves time and energy for the bar staff which can focus more on providing the best customer service!

Managing a bar is a different ball game altogether for sure! With trained staff and efficient technical assistance of the POS, these tasks can be automated and simplified. While your POS manages your customer data, bills and inventory, you and your staff can focus on serving delicious food and amazing drinks. Cheers!

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