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6 Easy Ways To Take Customer Feedback In Your Restaurant

How do you determine if customers are enjoying your services or if something new that you have implemented is working successfully? Customer feedback! Your customers will always have opinions about your food and their experience. These reviews help in making positive changes and significantly improving your services and staff performance. Not only do they help you discover loopholes in your services, but positive reviews can also help you boost your sales. 

Keep reading to know how exactly customer feedback can help your restaurant and the different ways of collecting them.

Why Is Collecting Customer Feedback Important?

Collecting customer feedback is a great way to discover how your customers find your restaurant services and help improve them over time. 

  • In a hospitality business, customer opinion is paramount. Collecting feedback helps you know what customers are thinking and feeling. 
  • Finding out what is working and what is not for your customers gives you an opportunity to find loopholes and improve
  • You can use the positive restaurant reviews you receive to promote your business
  • Most people now read online reviews before visiting a restaurant. The good reviews you get will incentivize potential customers to visit and pay more!

Now that we have established the importance of customer reviews, here are some ways to collect them! 

What are different ways of taking customer feedback for your restaurant?
Reviews enable your customers to gauge the level of experience they will receive in your restaurant and whether it will be worth their time.

6 Different Ways of Collecting Customer Feedback

There are multiple ways you can collect customer feedback; keep reading to know them all. 

1. Verbal Reviews

Want to know if your new menu is a hit among your customers? How about just asking them? 

  • The most straightforward method of taking customer feedback is just asking them when they visit. 
  • Your front-of-house staff, including your wait staff and managers, can ask customers how they found the food and services and how they can improve their experience. 
  • This would require you to train your staff to be approachable, friendly and courteous to ask for feedback and active in making required changes in case of a negative one.
  • This method is the best way to get instant feedback and make instant changes
  • You can also train your wait staff to read between the lines and gauge customer reactions. 

2. Feedback Forms

A customer feedback form can be designed in a variety of ways with different types of questions.

  • Typically, the feedback form includes customer details and questions about your restaurant services
  • In a world of extensive public information, feedback forms are a fantastic way to keep your reviews private and publish as you see fit. 
  • Keep questions to understand the customer demographic. This information can help you improve your marketing efforts. 
  • You can ask your customers to rate your services on a scale of 1 to 5 and keep open-ended questions. 
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Read our blog here to learn more about designing a customer feedback form

3. Social Media

Bet you didn’t know the power social media holds when it comes to collecting customer feedback. You can use different social media platforms to collect feedback.

  • Keep a tab on what customers are writing about you on social media. You can run polls on social media to know if customers like any of your dishes. 
  • Address their concerns, and re-post good reviews
  • You can also share your feedback form via email (a more formal platform), which they can fill out on their own time. 
Social media is a great way to collect customer feedback. Know more.
Social media has come to hold a prominent place in the food industry. Use it to your advantage. Post positive reviews and address the concerns people share online.

4. Google Reviews

Google is the most preferred and trusted search engine. And it is a must for every business, big or small, to be present on Google. Use it to collect reviews. 

  • People generally search for a place they want to visit on google, and google reviews will give them valuable information about customers’ experiences in your restaurant.
  • Restaurants can create a Google My Business Account to collect feedback on google. To know more about using google reviews to your advantage, read our blog here

5. Surveys

Surveys are generally used to understand market demand before launching a product, but they are also an acceptable way of collecting feedback. 

  • Online surveys work well to understand market demand and get an overall review. 
  • You can create and manage these surveys on websites like Survey Monkey post them on your social media accounts or even email your customers. 
  • People are unlikely to fill out a lengthy survey, in which case you can offer them some reward (like a discount coupon) to complete it.

6. Web Analytics

Web analytics is collecting website data and processing, reporting, and analyzing it. 

  • Regularly analyzing your website data will help you understand your restaurant’s performance and improve your strategy
  • Know customer demographics, which dishes customers order the most, and their preferred payment mode. All this data can help you better shape your marketing efforts.
What are different ways of taking customer feedback for your restaurant?
You can also encourage customers to give you positive feedback on food delivery apps (like Zomato and Swiggy) if they like your services. Positive reviews on the apps will help boost sales.

Know what your customers are thinking to improve your services and sales. You can implement all these methods or select the ones that work for you. But, but..make sure to collect feedback one way or the other. And also, remember to act upon the feedback you receive. 

To take quick customer feedback without hassle, you can also check out Petpooja’s Feedback Management System to easily know the customer’s reviews about your restaurant.

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