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5 Tips To Design Food Photos for Your Restaurant’s Social Media Platforms

Are you actively running social media accounts for your restaurant but not gaining enough interaction or growth on your profile? Well, then you would want to stick till the end and discover how you can design food photos for your restaurant in minimal time.

Let’s See How You Can Nail Your Food Photos For Your Restaurant’s Social Media 

1. Build A Colour Palette

In order to create a good brand presence online, you should have a set of colours that you use on all your posts, ads, business cards, website and other communications. This creates consistency in your posts and makes them easy to spot in the feeds of your customers. 

The different colour resembles various emotions and values so you need to be very clear in deciding which one suits best for your brand. Need help in deciding which colour to go for? Well, here’s your guide- The Psychology Of Restaurant Menu Design.

2. Click High-Quality Photos

Social media platforms are all media-oriented platforms. It is extremely important to use high-resolution images or videos while posting on it. 

Blur images or poor resolution photos will not keep your users engaged with your posts. Infact, it may leave a poor or cheap impression of your brand. Avoid using stock images as they are impactful. You can invest in a good quality camera and train yourself or a staff member to click good quality images of your restaurant & menu items for your social media presence. Want to nail food photography for your restaurant? Well, here you go- Food Photography Tips To Ace Your Restaurant Marketing.

food creatives for your restaurant social media

3. Get Hands-On With Videos

Videography for restaurants is the need of the hour. 87% of marketing campaigns on the internet are video-based. Don’t believe me? Read this- Why Is Videography For Restaurants Important For Your Business?

People are obsessed with videos and it shows as Youtube’s monthly traffic is over a billion users. 

Videography for restaurants gives you an opportunity to play with pictures, texts and audio all together. The retention rate of the information shared through a video is impeccable. If you are into a restaurant business then video content is the best way to start or grow your digital presence.

4. Focus On Copy

Social media nowadays is all about short, funny and quirky content. 

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Therefore, your copywriters should focus their copies to make them more shareable, relatable and short. 

Usually, when the post consists of an image or video, the required copy in those posts is very limited. Avoid adding unnecessary explanations and details of your business in the copy to make it less cluttered and boring.

funny creatives for restaurant ads social media

5. Styling The Post

Sometimes your menu item can be super delicious but it may not look that delicious and that’s when you need to properly style your social media posts. Use professional yet fun fonts that are properly visible on the post. Usually, quicksand is a safe choice to play with. 

Moreover, make sure the background is clear with natural lighting and goes best with the photos. Style your plates and include the required props to nail those posts. Make sure you don’t overly edit or photoshop your photos as they may look fake and ineffective.

Also, make sure of the following:  

  • The content is not too lengthy
  • At least add one media content to avoid making it boring
  • Images should be of high resolution but not very heavy that it takes more time to load
  • Make sure the post is not cluttered with different fonts, colours, themes and images
  • The post should be of the correct dimensions
  • Avoid spelling errors or grammatical mistakes
  • Don’t forget to add direct CTAs (Call To Action) to your posts
  • Avoid discriminatory or explicit slang as it  can backfire on social media very quickly

design food photos for free for restaurant social media

As a social media marketer you know how much time and effort are required to come up with one good post, isn’t it? What if I tell you that there’s a way you can design awesome food photos and designs in under a minute? Unbelievable right? 

Petpooja recently launched Tvito- a simple to use mobile application with 50,000+ ready to use designs, and 20+ different cuisines all within 3-clicks and under a minute. With Tvito, you just have to select the template, edit a few lines according to your restaurant needs and save it. You can also upload your logo and your own photos to the template. 

Unlike other applications, you won’t have to think too much, edit every minute detail, get disturbed by ads and stress about aesthetics. Using Tvito can help you be more active on your social media and save time and resources for your restaurant business. 

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Fatema Rasiwala
Fatema Rasiwala
Content writer at Petpooja


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