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Petpooja’s 2021 Restaurant Guide: All The Upcoming Trends And New Normal

The food industry is set to grow for many years to come, given the widening exposure to new cultures and cuisines. Indians are known for their affection for delicious delicacies. Every year, the restaurant industry witnesses specific consumer behaviour. Of Course, no one could have predicted the way 2020 turned out. But here we have got all the latest insights on what 2021 might look like! In 2021, many food trends we’ve seen during 2020 will likely carry over, especially as the COVID-19 pandemic continues.

  • Continuation of At-home dining
  • Increase in Cloud Kitchens
  • Introducing Tasty Healthy Food
  • Focus on Restaurant Hygiene
  • To Go Alcohol
  • Meal Kits
  • Food Bot and Robots
  • Social Media Presence

1. Continuation of At-home Dining

Last year many restaurants had to pivot into takeout and delivery. And this is here to stay. 2020 was all about eating your favorite meal without stepping out of your house. The convenience of at-home dining paired with its safety has created a huge shift in demand. With the rise in technology and new ordering platforms, it has become easy for restaurants to cater to this demand as well. Hence, the biggest trend in 2021 would likely be how to get creative with take-out food to cater to this food at home demand.

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2. Increase in Cloud Kitchens

Cloud kitchens have become increasingly popular for passionate chefs and restaurant owners. Cloud kitchen has numerous benefits such as- requiring less labor, creating a separate brand name and menu, and lower real estate cost among others. Restaurants that already have a defined online presence and delivery personnel can successfully grow their business by opening multiple cloud outlets running from the same dine-in kitchen.

Read more about how you can start your own cloud kitchen with ease and what kind of licenses you require for the same.

3. Introducing Tasty Healthy Food

Since the pandemic, people have started focusing on their health and immunity. People are willing to shift to healthy options as long as it matches the taste as well. 2021 will be all about focusing on mindful eating. People have understood the importance of staying fit and healthy. This would include cutting down on oily and fried dishes, spicy items, and shifting to leafy greens, vegan options, and so on. As a restaurant, it is essential to cater to this demand and upgrade their menu with healthy food items.

4. Focus on Restaurant Hygiene

Standard hygiene and cleanliness were being ignored for so many years. Now, restaurants must show the back-end process of creating their food. This could include how the kitchen is being sanitized daily, the staff is wearing masks and gloves, and so on. This will give a sense of relief to the customers during these challenging times. Health and Safety must be a top priority for successful restaurateurs.

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5. To Go Alcohol 

Increasingly restaurants are resorting to innovative pickup and delivery options. Customers can either purchase alcohol with their food order or restaurants can offer the option to deliver cocktails to their customer’s doorsteps. Introducing these kinds of innovative solutions will aid the restaurant owners in boosting sales and creating a unique experience.

6. Meal Kits

During the pandemic, the passion for cooking was widely spread. This provides an opportunity for restaurant owners to pair their food items with at-home meal kits. In the meal kits, restaurants provide raw materials and inventory for the meal. All the customer has to do is assemble and the food is ready.

7. Food Bot and Robots

The future of foodservice revolves around the concept of contact-less ordering and delivery. The use of robots as waiters in restaurants is on a rise. The robot waiters have not only become a viable way to increase profit margins but have also allowed the human staff by taking over menial tasks and freeing them to focus on customer service and other high-value interactions. These robots take orders and serve food to the tables.

Find out more about Petpooja’s Food-Bot (Food Serving Robot)

8. Social Media Presence

The number of social media users is constantly growing. This platform acts as an easy tool to reach out to a large audience of foodies via a single tap. Restaurants can use social media to advertise their brand, create personal experiences and enhance customer retention. Social media is the perfect way to establish transparency and communicate with your customers. You can use social media to celebrate food holidays, run contests, share your menu, post daily specials and go behind the scenes. You can use different platforms to stay connected with your consumers and give them constant updates about your restaurant or menu.

The pandemic spurred some fundamental changes in the way the restaurants operated. However, let’s not forget that delicious food accompanied by exceptional customer service (dine-in or delivery) will always be the most important aspect in the food industry.

We hope Petpooja’s blogs are helpful to you. Feel free to give us feedback on shivani.dad@petpooja.com. And if you wish to get a Restaurant PoS for your restaurant, check out our free demo.

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  1. The major factor between the two is
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  2. Three main reason
    Both the kitchen is good, the basic difference are the above. We are still way behind the modern way of delivery. Well a good Chef always like his meal to eat through his eyes first as he is the major roll to play and service doesn’t have any factor to play in take way.

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